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Everquest Guides

This page is my index page for every single Everquest Guide I have written. Below you'll find my guides broken into two different formats; the first of which is all of my EQ guides sorted by expansion and the second one is my EQ Leveling Guides sorted by zone.

I highly recommend you start by checking out the expansion that's relevant to you below. If you play on live servers, select the most recent expansion for guides. If you're playing on a TLP server then select the expansion that you're currently on (or the closest expansion to yours). Every expansion's page will have Tradeskill information on it as well as Leveling/Farming Guides + any quests or other stuff I have guides for during that expansion.

Quick list of my most used/important guides:

Everquest Boxing Guides

Everquest Leveling Guides


Complete List of All Everquest Guides (Table of Contents)

Pick the expansion that your server is currently on for all of the guides I have. For example, TLP players should pick PoP if they're on Corinav or a server that has progressed to Planes of Power, Gates of Discord, Lost Dungeons of Norrath or even Legacy of Ykesha. Easy enough, right? Players on Live servers should always pick the most recent expansion for the most relevent guides.

Guides by Expansion

Classic Everquest Guides

Kunark Everquest Guides

Velious Everquest Guides

Luclin Everquest Guides

Planes of Power Everquest Guides

Omens of War Everquest Guides

The Serpent's Spine Everquest Guides

Secrets of Faydwer Everquest Guides

Seeds of Destruction Everquest Guides

House of Thule Everquest Guides

Veil of Alaris Everquest Guides

Rain of Fear Everquest Guides

Call of the Forsaken Everquest Guides

The Darkened Sea Everquest Guides

Ring of Scale Everquest Guides


Below you'll find a list of every single zone that's in Everquest, if the zone name is a link then it means I have a Leveling Guide for that zone. Since on each leveling guide page I add links to any quests, rare loot or misc info that I have on that zone, this will be a great way for anyone to find information quick on my website.



Everquest Classic Guides

Antonica Continent
Clan Runnyeye
East Karana
Erud's Crossing
Everfrost Peaks
Gorge of King Xorbb
High Keep
Highpass Hold
Innothule Swamp
Jaggedpine Forest (Luclin Zone)
Kithicor Forest
Lair of the Splitpaw
Lake Rathetear
Lavastorm Mountains
Lower Guk
Lower Guk (Post Mercenary Guide)
Misty Thicket
Mountains of Rathe
Nagafen's Lair (SolB)
Nagafen's Lair (SolB) (Post Mercenary Guide)
Nektulos Forest
North Karana
North Ro
Ocean of Tears
Ocean of Tears (Post Mercenary Guide)
Permafrost Keep
Qeynos Catacombs
Qeynos Hills
Solusek's Eye (SolA)
South Karana
South Ro
The Feerrott
Upper Guk
West Karana

Odus Continent
Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole)
Stonebrunt Mountains (Launches during Velious)
The Warrens (Launches during Velious)
Toxxulia Forest

Faydwer Continent
Butcherblock Mountains
Castle Mistmoore
Castle Mistmoore (Post Mercenary Guide)
Crushbone (Post Mercenary Guide)
Dagnor's Cauldron
Estate of Unrest
Estate of Unrest (Post Mercenary Guide)
Greater Faydark
Kedge Keep
Lesser Faydark
Steamfont Mountains

Plane of Fear
Plane of Hate
Plane of Sky


Everquest Kunark Guides

Burning Woods
Chardok (Post Mercenary Guide)
City of Mist
City of Mist (Post Mercenary Guide)
Crypt of Dalnir
Emerald Jungle
Field of Bone
Firiona Vie
Frontier Mountains
Halls of Betrayal (Chardok B) - (Added during LoY)
Howling Stones Charasis
Howling Stones Charasis (Post Mercenary Guide)
Karnor's Castle
Kurn's Tower
Lake of Ill Omen
Mines of Nurga
Old Sebilis
Old Sebilis (Post Mercenary Guide)
Skyfire Mountains
Swamp of No Hope
Temple of Droga
The Overthere
Timorous Deep
Trakanon's Teeth
Veeshan's Peak
Veksar (Added during LoY)
Veksar (Post Mercenary Guide)
Warsliks Woods


Everquest Velious Guides

Cobalt Scar
Crystal Caverns
Dragon Necropolis
Dragon Necropolis (Post Mercenary Guide)
Eastern Wastes
Great Divide
Iceclad Ocean
Icewell Keep
Kael Drakkel
Kerafyrm's Lair (Sleeper's Tomb)
Plane of Growth
Plane of Mischief
Siren's Grotto
Siren's Grotto (Post Mercenary Guide)
Temple of Veeshan
Tower of Frozen Shadow
Velketor's Labyrinth
Wakening Lands
Western Wastes


Everquest Luclin Guides

Acrylia Caverns
Acrylia Caverns (Post Mercenary Guide)
Akheva Ruins
Cazic Thule Revamp
Dawnshroud Peaks
Echo Caverns
Fungus Grove
Grieg's End
Grieg's End (Post Mercenary Guide)
Grimling Forest
Hollowshade Moor
Katta Castellum
Maiden's Eye
Marus Seru
Mons Letalis
Netherbian Lair
Paludal Caverns
Paludal Caverns (Post Mercenary Guide)
Sanctus Seru
Scarlet Desert
Shadeweaver's Thicket
Shadow Haven
Shar Vahl
Ssraeshza Temple
Tenebrous Mountains
The Bazaar
The Deep
The Nexus
Twilight Sea
Umbral Plains
Vex Thal


Everquest Planes of Power Guides

Doomfire, the Burning Lands (Plane of Fire)
Doomfire, the Burning Lands (PoFire) (Post Mercenary Guide)
Drunder, Fortress of Zek (Plane of Tactics)
Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind (Plane of Air)
Halls of Honor
Lair of Terris Thule
Plane of Disease
Plane of Innovation
Plane of Justice
Plane of Knowledge
Plane of Nightmare
Plane of Storms
Plane of Time A
Plane of Time B
Plane of Torment
Plane of Tranquility
Plane of Valor
Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve (PoEarth B)
Reef of Coirnav (Plane of Water)
Ruins of Lxanvom (Crypt of Decay)
Ruins of Lxanvom (Post Mercenary Guide)
Solusek Ro's Tower
Temple of Marr (Halls of Honor B)
Torden, Bastion of Thunder
Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands (Plane of Earth)


Everquest Legacy of Ykesha (LoY) Guides

Crypt of Nadox
Dulak's Harbor
Dulak's Harbor (Post Mercenary Guide)
Gulf of Gunthak
Hate's Fury: The Scorned Maiden
Torgiran Mines


Everquest Lost Dungones of Norrath (LDoN) Guides



Everquest Gates of Discord (GoD) Guides

Abysmal Sea
Barindu, Hanging Gardens
Ferubi, Forgotten Temple of Taelosia
Ikkinz, Chambers of Destruction
Ikkinz, Chambers of Glorification
Ikkinz, Chambers of Righteousness
Ikkinz, Chambers of Transcendence
Ikkinz: Trial of Singular Might
Ikkinz: Trial of Tri-fates
Ikkinz: Trial of Twin Struggles
Inku`Ta, the Unmasked Chapel
Kod`Taz, Broken Trial Grounds
Natimbi, the Broken Shores
Qinimi, Court of Nihilia
Qvic, Prayer Grounds of Calling
Riwwi, Coliseum of Games
Sewers of Nihilia, Lair of Trapped Ones
Sewers of Nihilia, Pool of Sludge
Sewers of Nihilia, Purifying Plant
Sewers of Nihilia, the Crematory
Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver
Tipt, Treacherous Crags
Txevu, Lair of the Elite
Uqua, the Ocean God Chantry
Vxed, the Crumbling Caverns
Yxtta, Pulpit of Exiles


Everquest Omens of War (OoW) Guides

Asylum of Anguish
Catacombs of Dranik A
Catacombs of Dranik B
Catacombs of Dranik C
Catacombs of Dranik: Redemption
Dranik's Hollows A (Watering Hole)
Dranik's Hollows B (Fire Pit)
Dranik's Hollows C (Murkglider Hive)
Dranik's Scar
Harbingers' Spire
Muramite Proving Grounds
Muramite Proving Grounds (Post SoD Leveling Guide)
Nobles' Causeway
Riftseeker's Sanctum
Riftseeker's Sanctum (Post SoD Leveling Guide)
Ruined City of Dranik
Sewers of Dranik A
Sewers of Dranik B
Sewers of Dranik C
The Bloodfields
Wall of Slaughter
Wall of Slaughter (Post SoD Leveling Guide)


Everquest Dragons of Norrath (DoN) Guides

Accursed Nest
Lavaspinner's Lair
Stillmoon Temple
The Ascent
The Broodlands
Thundercrest Isles
Tirranun's Delve


Everquest Depths of Darkhollow (DoD) Guides

Corathus Creep
Dreadspire Keep
Ruins of Illsalin
Stoneroot Falls
The Hive


Everquest Prophecy of Ro (PoR) Guides

Arcstone, Isle of Spirits
Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance
Elddar Forest
Relic, the Artifact City
Ruins of Takish-Hiz
Sverag, Stronghold of Rage
The Devastation
Theater of Blood


Everquest The Serpent's Spine (TSS) Guides

Ashengate, Reliquary of Scale
Blackfeather Roost
Blightfire Moors
Blightfire Moors (Post Mercenary Guide)
Crescent Reach
Crescent Reach (Post Mercenary Guide)
Direwind Cliffs
Frostcrypt, Throne of the Shade King
Goru`Kar Mesa
Goru`Kar Mesa (Post Mercenary Guide)
Icefall Glacier
Infected Paw (Antonica Zone, replaces Splitpaw)
Stone Hive
Sunderock Springs
The Steppes
Vergalid Mines


Everquest The Buried Sea (TBS) Guides

Barren Coast
Jewel of Atiiki
Katta Castrum
Silyssar, New Chelsith
Solteris, the Throne of Ro
Thalassius, the Coral Keep
The Buried Sea
Zhisza, the Shissar Sanctuary


Everquest Secrets of Faydwer (SoF) Guide

Bloodmoon Keep
Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened
Dragonscale Hills
Fortress Mechanotus
Gyrospire Beza
Gyrospire Zeka
Hills of Shade
Loping Plains
Mechamatic Guardian
Meldrath's Majestic Mansion
S.H.I.P Workshop
Steam Factory


Everquest Seeds of Destruction (SoD) Guides

Bloody Kithicor
City of Dranik
Field of Scale
Kaesora Hatchery
Kaesora Library
Korafax, Home of the Riders
Korascian Warrens
Kurn's Stronghold
Oceangreen Hills
Oceangreen Village
Old Blackburrow
Old Bloodfields
Old Commonlands
Rathe Council Chambers
Temple of Bertoxxulous


Everquest Underfoot (UF) Guides

Brell's Arena
Brell's Rest
Brell's Temple
Cooling Chamber
Fungal Forest
Kernagir, the Shining City
Lichen Creep
Pellucid Grotto
The Foundation
The Underquarry
Volska's Husk


Everquest House of Thule (HoT) Guides

Al'Kabor's Nightmare
Erudin Burning
Fear Itself
Feerrott, the Dream
House of Thule, Lower Floors
House of Thule, Upper Floors
Miragul's Nightmare
Morell's Castle
Sanctum Somnium
The Grounds
The Library
The Well


Everquest Veil of Alaris (VoA) Guides

Argath, Bastion of Illdaera
Beasts' Domain
Erillon, City of Bronze
Pillars of Alra
Resplendent Temple
Sarith, City of Tides
Sepulcher East
Sepulcher of Order
Sepulcher West
Valley of Lunanyn
Windsong Sanctuary


Everquest Rain of Fear (RoF) Guides

Breeding Grounds
Chapterhouse of the Fallen
Chelsith Reborn
Corrupted Temple of Veeshan
Crystal Caverns, Fragment of Fear
East Wastes, Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening
Evantil, the Vile Oak
Grelleth's Palace: Chateau of Filth
Heart of Fear: The Epicenter
Heart of Fear: The Rebirth
Heart of Fear: The Threshold
Kael Drakkel, The King's Madness
Plane of Shadow
Shard's Landing
Valley of King Xorbb


Everquest Call of the Forsaken (CoTF) Guides

Bixie Warfront
Dead Hills
Ethernere Tainted West Karana
Plane of War
Neriak Fourth Gate
Tower of Rot


Everquest The Darkened Sea (TDS) Guides

Arx Mentis
Brother Island
Caverns of Endless Song
Combine Dredge
Degmar, the Lost Castle
Katta Castrum: Deluge
Tempest Temple
Thulisaur Island


Everquest The Broken Mirror (TBM) Guides

Crypt of Sul
Plane of Fear (Revisited)
Plane of Hate (Revisited)
Plane of Health
Ruins of Lxanvom (TBM) (Upper Floors Guide)
Ruins of Lxanvom (TBM) (Brightfire Guide)
Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay
- Master of the House Camp
- Remnants of the Darkseer Camp
- The Curator Camp
Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life
- Glorious Cistina Camp
- Guardian Jenat Camp
- Vizier Albert Camp


Everquest Empires of Kunark (EoK) Guides

Frontier Mountains
Gates of Kor-Sha
Kor-Sha Laboratory
Scorched Woods
Temple of Droga


Everquest Ring of Scale (RoS) Guides

Howling Stones
Sathir's Tomb
Skyfire Mountains
The Overthere
Veeshan's Peak


Everquest The Burning Lands Guides

Gnome Memorial Mountain (20th Anniversary Zone)
Stratos: Zephyr's Flight
The Plane of Smoke
Esianti: Palace of Winds
Empyr: Realms of Ash
Aalishai: Palace of Embers
Meratas: The Stone Demesne
Doomfire The Burning Lands
The Chamber of Tears


Torment of Velious Guides

The Eastern Wastes
The Ry'Gorr Mines
Crystal Caverns
The Great Divide
The Tower of Frozen Shadow
Kael Drakkel
Velketor's Labyrinth


Claws of Veeshan Guides

Cobalt Scar
The Western Wastes
Dragon Necropolis
The Temple of Veeshan
The Sleeper's Tomb


Other Everquest Guides


Everquest Achievement Guides

Kissassist INI Files

Anniversary Quest Walkthroughs

Tips, Tricks and Guides for Boxing
Focus Effects & How important they are
Heroic Stats - which ones are worth getting and what do they do?
Spell Damage & why it's not worth focusing on
Quests that give permanent stat increases & other boosts
Clickies that are worth collecting


Older/Outdated Everquest Guides

This section is for my Everquest Guides which were written when Almar's Guides was first started back in 2008. These explain many of the game's basics such as how dying works, AAs, Mercenaries and more. The guides are very old and not as useful as the rest of the guides on this page, which is why they're at the bottom!


The Game World
The Bazaar
Picking A Class
Returning Player "What You've Missed" Guide

Useful Links

AA Placement
Defiant Gear
Hotzone Aug List

The Game World
The Guild Hall and Lobby
Chat and Macros
Fabled Events
Plane of Knowledge
The Bazaar