Solusek's Eye (SolA) - Classic Leveling Guide

Northern Soluseks Eye

Solusek's Eye 'Elementals' Area

In the northern portion of Solusek's Eye on the map above you'll see it says "TRAP" twice. This location is one of the more common camps in the zone as it has a Reckless Efreeti named which drops Platinum Armband and Obsidian Flamberge. Additionally blazing elemental spawns down here which drops the Power of Fire used in the Mage Epic 1.0.

- Singe a named Drake can be found patroling the halls up north. He drops Obsidian Bead Hoop and Drakescale Belt

- In the north eastern portion of Solusek's Eye where the Gnome Merchant is that sells Bag of Tinkerers you'll find some more named spawns. Gabbie Mardoddle who drops Mithril Quill and Molten Cloak as well as CWG Model EXG who drops the Charred Guardian Shield and Charred Guardian Breastplate.

Soluseks Eye Goblin Area

1: This area is the Bar area of Solusek's Eye and is good for players 25 - 33 it has two nameds in it, both mentioned below.

Fire Goblin Bartender: Drake-Hide Leggings, Drake-Hide Sleeves

Goblin Drunkard: Frothy Goblin Tonic, Fire Crystal Staff

2: This area is one of the higher level locations of SolA, it has the Solusek Goblin King who drops Ring of the Goblin Lords and Sceptre of Flame. Lord Gimblox also spawns over here who drops Lord Gimblox's Signet Ring which is used in the Cleric Epic 1.0.

3: This is the final area in SolA for me to cover and also closest to a zone line. Here you'll find a Goblin High Shaman named who drops a Glowing Stone Band as well as a Platinum Dragon Totem. Additionally in the room nearby you can find Lynada the Exiled.


Additional Zone Information

- There are two ways to reach Solusek's Eye, through SolB (Nagafen's Lair) or more commonly from, Lavastorm Mountains.

- You can purchase a Bag of the Tinkerers from this zone.

- One part of the Cleric Epic 1.0 is done in this zone, Lord Gimblox drops Lord Gimblox's Signet Ring which is used in the quest.

- One part of the Mage Epic 1.0 is done in this zone, blazing elementals drop Power of Fire, an item used in the quest.

Solusek's Eye Allakhazam Zone Information

Solusek's Eye P99 Zone Information