Corathus Creep - Depths of Darkhollow Guide

Southern Corathus Keep

Corathus Creep is the lowest level zone added into the game during the Depths of Darkhollow expansion. I very strongly do not recommend you EXP in this zone since the enemies here will hit way harder than Kunark, Luclin and even PoP enemies. This means that the difficulty level for this zone is extremely high for this level range. Unless you're a boxer and your entire group is twinked out the ying yang this place will probably be too tough for you.

This zone isn't entirely useless, however. There are some tasks that take place in this zone that reward you with the best no level req gear in the entire game. On regular servers it's NO DROP which means you'll need to get outside help if you want to get the twink gear for a level 1.... On Firiona Vie though the gear is droppable and sellable in The Bazaar!! It's a good way to make some cash.

Anyway, the lowest level portion of Corathus Creep is the area just south of the town in the eastern portion of the zone. Here you'll find 7 different named enemies, all of which and their loot tables are shown below.


Named Enemies:

Patrol XIV: Moldy Chain Helmet, Moldy Watchman Chain Vambraces

Octo-Bot: Forlorn Blade, Speckled Mushroom Band, Nogglegrop Fendlebar the Unwilling

Scuttlebucket: Black Leather Pantaloons, Radically Refurbished Boots, Radically Refurbished Head Plating

a reeking corathus: Mushroom Cap Armguards, Mushroom Cap Gloves

Creeper: Radically Refurbished Arm Casing, Softened Sporali Stem

an oozing corathus: Cozy Sponge Boots, Lamellae Gloves

Vernon: Radically Refurbished Arm Casing, Gnomework Augmented Gloves


Northern Corathus Creep

North of the town the enemies are slightly higher level than what you find down south and in most areas they're more spaced out too. If you go north of the river you'll find that all of the 'A Creep Reaper toilers' enemies up here are raid targets. They won't agro you so they're not really a threat... unless you're crazy enough to pull one!

I'd recommend sticking to the southern portion of the river and the eastern most nook where you see Psciospore marked on the map above.

The Sporali Avenger: Moldy Chain Gloves, Moldy Watchman Chain Boots

Psciospore: Burrownizer Power Source, Deft Leather Gloves, Fungus Spun Bow

Defecto-Scraper: Band of Fungus, Fungal Earring


Western Corathus Creep

Along the central river of Corathus Creep, where you see the yellow line pointing to on the map above you'll find Sporali enemies standing at the river's edge as well as fish-type enemies within the river itself. Neither of these enemies will attack you on sight which makes soloing them quite easy. Of course, the fish enemies you won't be able to pull out of the water though which could pose a problem for some classes.

In the large blue circle on the map above you'll run into Shiliskin enemies as well as some of the corathus crawler bug things. The Shiliskin won't attack you on sight but the creepy crawly bug things will! If you decide to hunt in this area you'll need to be a lot more careful than the previous area since the Shiliskin enemies are closely packed together - most pulls will be two or three enemies each!

Magiken: Fungus Spun Bow, Moldy Chain Wrist, Moldy Watchman Chain Leggings

A sporali stingswarm: Mushroom Cap Boots, Mushroom Cap Head Gear

Slither: Mushroom Cap Cape, Visage of Living Fungus

Slink: Forlorn Blade, Moldy Luminescent Choker, Radically Refurbished Mantle, Scaled Dragonhide Cloak

Squirmsnare: Petrified Mushroom, Tiny Mushroom Earring


Additional Information

- Corathus Creep can be reached by taking the Guild Hall portal to Undershore, then heading east to Corathus. Or you can take the PoP stone to Nektulos Forest and travel west to Corathus Creep. For more information, head over to my How to Reach Corathus Creep Guide.

Corathus Creep Allakhazam Zone Information