Argath - Veil of Alaris Leveling Guide

Argath is split up into three major levels. The first level, where you enter in from the Guild Hall or someone porting you here is the town/friendly portion of Argath. You can take a long spiral stairway down from the town until you reach a place with another walkway near a waterfall with a river running throughout. This area is the spot shown in the map above and below.

This is where the guide starts since this is the first portion of Argath that you can hunt enemies. Around the area where you came down you'll find relatively weak enemies as well as the route to Beasts' Domain and Valley of Lunanyn. Further north and south along the outcroppings is where you'll find harder enemies and nameds which drop Attuneable Gear.

On the map above, just below where it says "Keramar the Naeya" on the left hand side you'll see a small ramp. This is the only way to get from this floor of Argath to the floor below where things get a bit tougher. Due to there being less named enemies up here in the northern portion of Argath, it's typically the best spot for soloers/duoers or small groups.

Keramar the Naeya: Grendlaen Hide Belt, Keramar's Crystal-Chain Belt, Keramar's Wand, Rustic Headdress of Argath

Husk of Starvation: Husk Sharpened Axe, Jagged Bone of the Husk, Steel-Plated Rib Bone, Rustic Armwraps of Argath

Vigorous Turncoat: Darksteel Band of the Turncoat, Greatblade of the Turncoat, Woven Steel Fingerguard + Class Armor Patterns

Breath of Ryken: Echoing Loop of Ryken, Fragmented Echo (Aug), Whisper-Steel Loop + Class Armor Patterns


The southern portion of the first floor in Argath has even more nameds than the northern portion. It can be pretty tough down here too so I wouldn't recommend it to people soloing unless you have extremely good raid gear for the time. Boxers/groups will be the people who handle this area best.

The Collector: Dried, Shriveled Ear, Simple Alaran Sacrificial Dagger, Trinket of the Collector + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Emissary Drucifel: Drucifel's Ceremonial Pauldrons, Guard of the Emissary, Velvet Drape of the Emissary + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Reviler of Argath: Reviler's Steelwall, Seal of the Reviler, Steel-Woven Band + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Interrogator Galectes: Backripper, Steel-Etched Tooth, The Interrogator's Favorite 'Toy' + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips


The bottom floor in Argath is like navigating a maze. You can't levitate or travel over any of the walls that you see in the area which makes navigating places down here so much tougher. In the screen shot above, the northern most portion of the area will be the toughest. As you can see there are many different named enemies here which will keep a full group/boxer occupied.

Ruling out the northern portion, the rest of the area isn't too challenging depending on how many named enemies you try to pull from one location. If you're not too well geared or under leveled then just set up camp at one named instead of trying to pull two or three and you should be ok.

Seed of Battle: Steel Seed Blade, Stem of Destruction, The Root of All Evil + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Blademaster of the Order: Boneshard of the Blademaster (Aug), Gripworn Steel Band, Spirit-Steel Band of the Blademaster + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Blades of Forgotten Heroes: Armband of the Forgotten, Burial Mark, Dried Grave-Flower + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Burnmaster of the Pillars: Facemask of the Burnmaster, Kalkek's Warhammer, Scorched Leather Mask + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Kalkek: Daggerspike Shoulderguard, Flanged Argathian Mace, Kalkek's Cloak of the Observer + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Tactician Krucidon: Krucidon's Copper Earplug, Krucidon's Inverted War Charm (Aug), Molten Steel Hoop + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Note: Tactician Krucidon drops a good hAGI Attuneable Aug. This will hold value on live servers for many expansions to come since good Attuneable augmentations are rare.


Due to how Argath was made, the area you see on the map above is the hardest location to reach in the zone.


Illdaeras Tear: Illdaera's Steel Drum, Illdaera's Steel-Tear of Fate, Metallic Teardrop of War + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Blademaster of the Order: Boneshard of the Blademaster, Gripworn Steel Band, Spirit-Steel Band of the Blademaster + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Shieldbearer of the Gods: Heraldry of the Gods, Rod of the Shieldbearer, Sliver of the Shieldbearer's Shield + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Shards of Battle: Burial Mark, Hardened Battle Axe, Jagged Ring of Altercation, Ring of Broken Glass + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips

Kaledor the Tide Turner: Earring of the Eavesdropper, Element of Surprise, Hood of Hidden Intentions + VoA Class Armor & Cantrips



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