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The Overthere - Kunark Leveling Guide

The Overthere Leveling Locations

The Overthere is one absolutely massive zone that was first added in the Kunark expansion. There is another version of The Overthere which is one of the main zones in the RoS expansion, much... much later in the game.

This zone is best broken down into multiple parts. The northern most blue circle on my map above is where you'll find the lowest level enemies in the zone. This location is good for players 18 - 24 or so. You'll want to slowly move south through the zone, closer to the Skyfire Mountains (SF) ramp. Depending on the expansion there's usually always a group at this location.

The SF Ramp area is good for players of all types who are levels 25 - 33. Worse comes to worse if there is no group here you can always solo/kite some enemies while waiting for people to show up! The only real bad thing about hunting in this zone is that during the night time there's some Dark Elves which patrol basically the entirety of the zone. They'll attack any 'good' aligned players on sight and they will kill you.

As long as you keep your eye out during the night time hours you shouldn't have too much difficulty with these guards posing a threat to you.

Finally the last location in all of The Overthere, a place that guards don't even patrol is inside the large scar in the center part of the zone. This area has Scorpikis enemies which are between the levels of 33 - 36. These enemies will give you negative faction hits with the Dark Elves in Overthere and they also Harm Touch when agro'd which .... hurts.


Additional Zone Information

- There are a few different ways for players to reach The Overthere before PoK but the most common is by getting a Druid or Wizard to port you to Skyfire Mountains - then The Overthere is just 1 zone away. Without a Wiz/Dru port your other options are to take a boat from Timorous Deep or run from Warslik's Woods or Frontier Mountains.

- The Overthere has spell vendors for Necromancers and Shadow Knights which will sell some spells that can't be purchased elsewhere until later in the game.

- Inside the 'Scar' in the central part of the zone you'll find the zone in for Howling Stones (Charasis). You need to be flagged to enter.

The Overthere Allakhazam Zone Information

The Overthere P99 Zone Information