Death in EQ is unlike most games out there. Starting at level 6 when you die you will start to lose a small fraction of XP. The good news about this is if you get a rez (Resurrection) you will gain some of that XP back (up to 100%).

Bind Locations

A bind location is where you will be returned to when you die. To select a bind location you must have a caster use Bind Affinity on you in specific places (Usually safe locations like cities or specific camps around norrath) or tell a Soul Binder "Bind my Soul". You are able to change your bind location at any time and as many times as you'd like.


After you die you will be given a Release Box. Your options are to release or wait for a rez. Releasing will return you to your bind location and you will be able to look for a rez there. If someone is around to rez you (Healer in your group, or healer merc) then don't release and wait for a rez. When someone resurrects you an additional box will pop up and ask you if you'd like to accept. Click "ok" and where it said "Resurrect" in red it will become green. Select that and click Respawn.

You can be resurrected from any class that is able to cast a rez. The classes that can rez you are Druid, Paladin, Shaman, Cleric, Necromancer and a healer merc. Clerics are the only class that is able to give you a 96% rez, the other rez's are only 90% (Aside from Necromancer's which is 93%). After you are rezzed you will be under the effects of Resurrection Sickness. Resurrection Sickness decreases all of your stats and will prevent you from using OOC regen for 3 minutes. Keep in mind if someone rezzes you it's generous to tip!

Please Note: Something to keep in mind is that when you die and get a rez the XP you get restored is based off of how much you lost when you died. That's confusing isn't it? Ok here's an example. Say you die and lose 7% XP, you get a rez for 96%. The 96% will restore 96% of that 7% that you lost. In other words you'll get 6.72% of the XP you lost restored back to you.

Consequences of Death

- When you die you will be returned to your bind spot. This is the location where you were previously bound.

- If you are level 6 or above you will lose XP when you die. If you are below level 6 you will just be returned to your bind spot.

- If you release you will be returned to your bind location at full health with 20% Mana and 20% Endurance. You will not be able to use OOC regen for 1 minute.

- The amount of XP you lose is anywhere from 5% or 10% towards your next level. You only lose XP into your level, you do not lose AA xp.

Summoning Your Corpse

You can summon your corpse to the Guild Lobby by buying a soulstone from the Disciple of Luclin and giving it to the Priestess of Luclin. Below is a picture and table of the soulstones required to summon your body.

Minor Soulstone - Up to and Level 20

Lesser Soulstone - Up to and Level 30

Soulstone - Up to and Level 40

Greater Soulstone - Up to and Level 50

Faceted Soulstone - Up to and Level 55

Pristine Soulstone - Up to and Level 70

Glowing Soulstone - Up to and Level 75

Prismatic Soulstone - Up to and Level 80

Iridescent Soulstone - Up to and Level 85

The easiest way to search for a soulstone is to double click "Qty" It will bring up all the items with an infinite amount at the vendor, aka soulstones. Once you have the Soulstone you give it to the "Corpse Summoner" to bring your bodies to the Guild Lobby.

Corpse Dragging & Consenting

At times it may not be convenient to return to the Guild Lobby to summon a corpse. You may find it necessary to simply drag a corpse to a safer location within a zone, and rez there. To drag a corpse, you will need to use the /corpsedrag command and you will also need the player who's corpse it is to give you consent.

1. If you don't have consent to a corpse tell the player he has to type "/consent "Players name" For example say it's me who needs to drag your corpse. Type "/Consent Almar" and it will give me permission to drag your corpse.

2. To begin dragging a corpse approach it and type "/corpsedrag"

3. To stop dragging a corpse type "/corpse" while targeting the corpse.

Past Changes

- You no longer lose gear when you die.

- You no longer have the dreaded corpse runs to your body. You are able to summon your corpse to the Guild Lobby.

- You lose less XP when you die.

- Addition of the "Release Box" when you die so you don't immediately zone, you can wait for a rez.