Umbral Plains - Luclin Leveling Guide

The Umbral Plains is one of the best zones added during the Luclin expansion pack. The enemies in this zone hit extremely hard for their level range and for that reason I can't recommend this zone to anyone whom is under leveled or under geared. If you can't handle tough mobs I recommend you stick to a Classic or Kunark zone for these levels.

Anyone out there who really enjoys grinding in zones with lots of goodies that drop from mobs that you can sell in The Bazaar probably consider this zone a paradise. Almost every enemy here (including the regular ones) has a chance of dropping an item that you can sell in The Bazaar.

Here are some examples of the loot that you can get in Umbral Plains: Wretched Pauldrons, Skull Marked Shield, Dream Weaver Webshield, Crown of the Hive, Gantru Charm, Flesh Eater's Eye, Vah Shir Skin Robe, Helm of Raldukan, Hive Fiend's Brain and much much more.

There are about as many different places for you to camp in this zone as there are different items available for you to find for selling in The Bazaar. Three locations come to mind which I have personally spent a decent amount of time at that I would like to tell you about.

In the far northern end of this zone as well as on the eastern end you'll find tunnels with Netherbian enemies in them. Both of these tunnels have named enemies which have their own unique loot tables and bazaarable items for you to find. I'd recommend both of these tunnels to any small groups or small boxers. The enemies are generally spaced out enough and you don't have to worry about adds as much as you do in the fields.

As for the field, my favorite location to make camp is in the northwestern portion of the zone. There's a pretty open flat spot up here that not many enemies wander to. You can safely pull mobs to this location, kite them around and you don't have to be worried about being in anyone's way.

The next spot I see people commonly camping is the southeastern most corner of the zone by the entrance to Vex Thal. This location has a slightly different set of mobs than the rest of the field and offers you different opportunities as far as loot is concerned.

That's really all there is to Umbral Plains. I'd recommend that if you're soloing here you stay as close to the outer walls as possible to avoid agroing any of the enemies that patrol around the fields. Also, anyone soloing here avoid the Gantru Dralkenr at all costs. He's the toughest named in the zone from what I have seen and he'll pound your face in as a solo player for a few expansions to come.


Additional Information

- The only way for players (at this time) to reach Umbral Plains is through Maiden's Eye.

Pickzone Threshold: 20 Players

Umbral Plains Allakhazam Zone Information