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Katta Castrum - The Buried Sea Leveling Guide

If you're unable to handle many of the regular enemies during this level range the best place for you to hunt is in Katta Castrum at the relatively weak dervish enemies you can find in this zone. On my map above there's three black boxes - each of these has a mixture of regular enemies and relatively weak enemies.

Hopefully you can handle an occasional regular conned enemy as 1/5 enemies here is usually a relatively weak con. The upside though is since this is the Buried Sea expansion they won't really be hitting you all that hard.

The EXP won't be the best at this camp - nor will the loot.... But it honestly could take you all the way to level 95 if your characters were that crappy. I leveled here on Trakanon and pushed myself to 95 since I was basically in random pieces of defiant on all my characters since that server doesn't have The Bazaar.

This camp is basically the easiest camp you can find 80 - 95. I listed it here for exactly that reason, for people in a situation like I was on Trakanon. Unable to buy gear for their characters and maybe not even kronoing many of them either.


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Katta Castrum Allakhazam Zone Information