Lake of Ill Omen - Kunark Leveling Guide

Lake of Ill Omen Leveling Locations

Lake of Ill Omen is one of the largest zones in Kunark and has multiple great hunting locations for players of a pretty wide level range. The northern portion of the zone, starting from West Cabilis and heading down south is for players 1 - 10. It isn't until you reach the river that leads to Firiona Vie and that whole area before you start finding enemies in the teens.

North of the lake in the center of the zone you'll find enemies in the low teens. Continuing south they'll start to increase in difficulty a bit with the Goblins up north also being a part of the mid to late teens level bracket. You can find the goblins mostly inhabiting in the tunnels leading to Warslik's Woods.

The large area circled in blue on my map above is where you'll find the best place to hunt for players in their late teens and early 20s. It's nice and wide open which makes it great for those who are solo, especially kiters. You'll find small goblin camps around this area too which make decent spots for smaller groups.

Once you get in your mid to late 20s you'll be high enough level for the Sarnak fort in the southwestern portion of the zone. This Sarnak fort is mostly good for this level range but the nameds, specifically Chancellor Di`zok, whose level 40, should not be under estimated. Also more importantly Chancellor Di`zok drops the Jade Chokidai Prod which is used in the Charasis (Howling Stones) key quest.


Additional Zone Information

- There are multiple ways for you to reach Lake of Ill Omen. West Cabilis is connected to the zone as is Firiona Vie and Frontier Mountains. There's also a Warslik's Woods ZL to here too but it's a little more unfriendly than the others.

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