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East Karana - Classic Leveling Guide

East Karana - Classic Leveling Guide

Eastern Karana is a great location to hunt for people looking for a zone without much traffic in their early to late teens. In the early teens you can pick off some snakes, some wolves, the carrion spider and some of the earlier lions. There are some humanoid enemies between these levels too but they usually come in packs so I am going to exclude them. Most of these enemies are between the levels of 12 - 14.

The reason I said "some" snakes, wolves and lions is because you'll notice that there are two or three different types of each enemy here. It's important you con everything before attacking it until you learn the names of the harder enemies. A gorge hound is the harder wolf, a crag spider is the hardest spider and then you'll also have griffawns which you'll be able to kill the closer to 20 you get and evil eyes.

Evil Eyes are going to be rather hit or miss depending on what type of gear you have and if you're a boxer or with a group. The Evil Eyes drop a few decent items such as Polished Bone Bracelets and their eye lashes/stalks which are used for a quest... However they can be difficult for a solo player to kill since they charm and mesmerize.

For the time being I would strongly recommend you avoid the Griffons and Cyclops enemies that sometimes patrol through this area. You may occasionally see a hill giant too who you'll definitely wanna avoid as he'll be in his 30s!

If things get out of hand for you the closest two zone lines are North Karana to the west and Gorge of King Xorbb to the north. If you would like to see a much longer writeup of this zone head over to my EK Farming Location.

Random Tip: If you're a class that has Forage be sure to use it here! You'll get Tea Leaves which are used in making Qeynos Afternoon Teas!


Additional Zone Information

- Druids can port directly to this zone.

- There are three different ways for you to reach this zone if you don't port here. The northern part of the zone has a zone line which leads to the Gorge of King Xorbb; to the east you'll find the High Hold Keep zone line and to the west you'll find North Karana.

East Karana P99 Zone Information

East Karana Allakhazam Zone Information


Items of Interest

Spider Silk

Snake Egg

Wolf & Lion Meat

High Quality Cat Pelts

Griffon Feathers

Tea Leaves (If you can Forage)