Arcstone, Isle of Spirits - Prophecy of Ro Guide

The northwestern portion of Arcstone is the best place in the zone for people who are soloing/duoing or looking for enemies that can be pulled as singles. The further east/south you go in the zone the harder things will generally get. Seedsteps northern most spawn location shown on the map above is one of the decent nameds in this zone for soloers/duoers and smaller groups.

In this zone you'll also find multiple mini raid enemies, The Colossus of Skylance in the eastern portion of the zone is one of them as is Zomm the Seventh Born a bit south of him. Sundersky, the Sire of Storms is one of the other raid nameds found on the southern most island, near the Skylance zoneline. Unless you're a boxer and/or with a larger than usual group that can actually defeat these guys - I would recommend avoiding them.

Southeast of where you port in from the Guild Hall you'll find a camp of fire elementals, there's four different nameds that spawn in this small cluster of enemies. As you could imagine, this camp can be quite a handful and really rewarding if you can keep all the nameds on lockdown. Boxers and/or full groups are likely the only people who can do that though.

Another one of the good camps is down in the southeastern most portion of Arcstone on the same island as the Skylance Tower zone line. Here you'll find wind dervish elementals as well as two different named enemies to defeat. There's two warnings that you need to keep in mind for this camp though! The first of which is there's a raid named on the island, Sundersky. He cons as a raid target but actually isn't that hard, it's up to you if you'd like to mess with him or not. The second warning is that one of the nameds here has a knock back so if you're standing too close to the edge you might get a one way trip to Freeport!


Arcstone Named Enemies:

Seedstep: Shadestitch Pantaloons, Shadestich Sleeves

Champion Ultharas: Arcblade, Ethereal Silversilk Wristwraps

Stillsheen: Disk of the Deft, Ring of Spellcraft

Manifestation of Ravenglass: Arcblade, Ethereal Silversilk Wristwraps, Eye Husk of the Scrykin

Bristlebark: Eye Husk of the Scrykin, Dark Spiritbone Urn, Greater Spiritbone Bear

Thorn: Dark Spiritbone Urn

Willowalk: Shadestitch Pantaloons, Shadestich Sleeves

Overseer Norgaro: Shadeleather Helm, Spirit Hide Leggings

Xanzerok, the Earth Root: Ethereal Plate Bracers, Mageblade

Coalshade, Oroshars Wake: Ethereal Plate Bracers, Mageblade

Echo of Skylance: Eye Husk of the Scrykin, Fireforged Mantle, Warpwood Waraxe


Embra: Eye Husk of the Scrykin, Marbled Shard of Relic (Aug), Shattered Galvanic Band

Shekar: Eye Husk of the Scrykin

Firelash: Quest loot

Skysmoke, Harbringer of Oroshar: Mantle of the Spellcaller


Tempest: Shadelink Boots, Shadelink Leggings

Squall: Shadeforge Gloves, Shadeiron Legplates


Raid Boss Nameds

The Colossus of Skylance: Bands of the Scrykin Architect, Bindings of the Colossus, Colossus Shard Earring

Zomm the Seventh Born: Chronal Stone, Eye of the Nine Worlds, Iris Blade, Mask of Foresight, Pendant of the Elder Scrykin, Zomm's Wand

Sundersky, the Sire of Storms: Ethereal Hide Bracers, Scrykin Craft Hammers



Additional Information

- The fastest way for you to reach Arcstone is by purchasing an Arcstone Spirit Sapphire from Teleportation NPC in a Guild Hall and taking the portal.

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