Master of the House - TBM Leveling Guide

Master of the House Camp Location

The Master of the House camp is a great camp for weaker groups or boxers with lower numbers. Nothing in this area will attack you unless you attack it first (or unless you fight a nearby enemy too close to one of their friends)! If you want to camp right ontop the named spawn and never even have to move, you can do so in the southeastern most house.

Normally though, I pick a spot to camp somewhere outside in the large light blue circle on my map above - most commonly I camp at the location shown in the picture below. I gotta say though, if you plan to camp here you'll have to be really careful! Occasionally all of the dealers from the market walk in this direction and during this time they'll agro you if you're fighting other enemies.

Master of the House Up Close Location

The named itself doesn't really do anything all that impressive and the two spawn locations I recommend you pull from (shown on the map above) you'll usually get the named enemy in single pulls each time. As long as you keep an eye out for when the dealers decide to go on lunch break and walk this way - this camp should be easy peasy.

Master of the House: Lordship Belt, Putrifying Essence

Expansion-wide Augmentations: Voracity, Avarice, Hypocricy

In addition to the items listed above each named in TBM has a chance of dropping Raw Crypt-Hunter Gear which is used in making the group armor for the TBM expansion. The main difference with the TBM group armor though is it's useful to characters 75 - 105! If you'd like to read more about it I recommend you head over to my TBM Gearing Guide as it'll explain this in more detail.

Also, the named enemies of this expansion also have a chance of dropping Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater and Glowing Essences of Life. These are Spell Runes which will give you Rank 2 spells much like the Briny Essences of the TDS expansion.



Additional Information

Pickzone Threshold: This zone does not allow pickzones

- Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay can only be reached by using the Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul while standing in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life. For more information on How to get to Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay follow the link provided.

- Throughout this zone you'll get Chain, Cloth, Leather and Plate Scraps of Wither and Decay. These are NO DROP but they're used in crafting to make Ornaments which are tradeable and can be quite valuable depending on your server.

- There are four sets of collectibles that you can find in this zone belonging to the Reborn Into Faith Achievement.

- All tier 1 TBM nameds have a rare chance of dropping Caravan Satchel, a 36 slot 100% Weight Reduction bag.

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