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Gnome Memorial Mountain - The Burning Lands

Gnome Memorial Mountain was added into the game during the 20th Anniversary and The Burning Lands expansion. This zone is easier than content in The Burning Lands and it also drops better gear than what you would expect to find in even the highest tier TBL content. All gear in this zone requires level 100 and is Prestige.

There are two Heroic Adventures in this zone that you can complete that each have chests which give 3 pieces of loot each. The first one, The Darkness Howls, you can accept without doing any Partisans in the zone at all and the second one, Ironing out the Legion, requires about half the quests in the zone to be complete.

GMM Two Named Camp Location

I picked this camp because it's one of the few camps in the zone where you can pull two different nameds from the same location and I feel that these named enemies aren't that tough compared to some of the other nameds in the zone. The worst part of this camp is that there are some admirer/charmer enemies in this area which means that there is a chance your tank can get mezzed which could result in a wipe for your group. Keep this in mind!

Master Mechanic has an AE ability which hits every target on his hatelist for a little over 100k damage and A Non-Standard Deviation has what I think is a frontal cone knockback which also has a small DD component too. Aside from these abilities I am not sure if the nameds do anything else noteable.

Master Mechanic: Technician's Ring Gear, Breaker Bar, Harmonius Tightener, Magical Woodly-Woop, Entangled Gear Set
Place holder: A clockwork lifter

A Non-Standard Deviation: Average Cloak, Deviating Thoughts, Deflecting Gear Shield, Imbedded Shard Macuahuitl, Sharpened Angle Brace
Place holder: An Iron Legion Climber


Ambassador of Loving Camp Location

Ambassador of Loving is one of my least favorite camps in the zone but also one of the best camps because of the Flotsam of the Darkened Sea that drops from him. I hate this camp because of the gnomelike charmer enemies that are in the same area. These enemies mez members of your group and a lot of the time your tank. If your healer is poorly geared or not very good then a mez on the tank is basically an instant wipe unless you have someone else who can pull the enemies off the healer.

My healers are in non prestige Conflagrant gear (so about 160k HP unbuffed) and it's hit or miss if they die when my tank gets charmed. The named itself isn't that difficult, while yes he does hit hard (as do most nameds in this zone) the unique ability he has isn't all that impressive. Basically what happens is an emote pops up in your screen in red saying "Ambassador of Love is going to spread his love to everyone to his <Direction>".

He can spray his love (sounds so wrong) in front of himself, behind himself or to his left or right. I don't know the exact amount of damage the ability does but it doesn't seem to be any more than 80k or I would notice it.

Ambassador of Loving: Love's Spike', Blue-gem Sea Earring, Flotsam of the Darkened Sea
Place holder: A clockwork guardian


Bloodmoon Orcs Gnome Memorial Mountain Camp Location

Out of all the camps in Gnome Memorial Mountain this one is my absolute favorite mostly because the orcs don't mez any of your characters and the nameds down here drop some of the best tank loot you can get in all of the TBL expansion. Moon's Radiance and Howling Mask are both insanely good tank items which I will probably end up using for a few years on the tanks I have which I do not raid gear.

Bloodmoon Chief Eclipse is the easier of the two named enemies and as far as I know he doesn't even have any sort of unique ability that he can use on your group. The hardest part about him is his insanely high HP as well as the fact that he hits for a max of 33k (with defensives up).

Now as for his big brother, Bloodmoon Howler Trolog - this named is probably the hardest named in the entire zone. The only ability Trolog has that is worth mentioning is that he summons 2 starving worgs for what seem to be every 10% of HP damage that he takes. These worgs have really wonky agro and when they're summoned they seem to swarm a random target in your group; it may be the person who is lowest on the hatelist though as for me it seems to almost always be a healer they go after.

Unless you use Taunt switching the worg's agro is nearly impossible. For this reason I highly recommending saving your AoE taunt until about 30 - 50% so that by the time you use it the majority of worgs are already spawned and they switch targets to you. When you defeat this named the starving worgs swarm pets do not disappear so long as they have someone on their hatelist. You'll either have to defeat them all or use Succor/Exodus to despawn them.

Bloodmoon Howler Trolog: Howling Mask, Bloodmoon Fetish, Reclaimed Clockwork Scrap, Reclaimed Clockwork Beater,
Place holder: A Bloodmoon howler

Bloodmoon Chief Eclipse: Moon's Radiance, Spiked Leadership Sword, Sun's Obscurement Visor, Blushing Eclipse,
Place holder: A Bloodmoon darkheart


Additional Information

Pickzone Threshold: 20 Players

- In order to reach this zone you'll have to travel south through Dragon Scale Hills until you find a cannon that launches you up to Gnome Memorial Mountain. For more information on How to get to Gnome Memorial Mountain follow the link to be taken to a guide explaining more.

- This zone was added during part of the 20th Anniversary for EQ. The enemies in this zone are easier than TBL enemies and the loot that drops in this zone is better than any of the group loot in TBL.

- There are rare items unique to The Burning Lands zones called chase items. For an Advloot list of all these chase items that you can use on your own characters head over to my TBL Advloot Chase Item List page and copy and paste it into your own LF_AN file. More info about how to do that is found on this page.

- All Achievements involving this zone are found in the Secrets of Faydwer tab.


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