PoP Everquest TLP Guides

This is the index page for all of my Planes of Power EQ guides. To make things easier for Progression Server players I have broken apart most of my EQ guides into different sections. They're mostly sorted by expansions that raised the level cap or ones that made a major impact on the game.

At the top of these sections will be the most useful viewed guides I have written. Following that, further down the page, are the other relevant guides to this era of the game. Any quests that are popular during that era or other 'side activites' that I've written guides for can be found further down this page below the Tradeskill guides.

PoP Leveling Guides

PoP Farming Guides

Luclin Leveling Guides

Luclin Farming Guides

If you are new to the TLPs as well I strongly recommend you check out this page here to figure out what has changed in the world of Norrath and tips you need to know to make your life easier. That guide will show you things like how to get free Daybreak Cash each month, introduce you to Parcels and talk to you about your Origin AA.


PoP Alchemy Guide

PoP Baking Guide

PoP Brewing Guide
- Luclin Brewing Guide

PoP Fletching Guide
- GoD Fletching Guide

PoP Jewelcrafting Guide
- Luclin Jewelcrafting Guide

PoP Pottery Guide

PoP Smithing Guide

PoP Spell Research Guide

PoP Tailoring Guide
- GoD Tailoring Guide


PoP Tinkering Guide

PoP Poison Making Guide


Everquest Boxing Guides

Focus Effects What They Do & How Important They Are


Planes of Power Spell Rune Guide (List of Every Classes Spells 60 - 65)

Gates of Discord Abysmal Sea Tradeskill Guides

Ornate Class Armor Guide (Planes of Power)

Elemental Class Armor Guide (Planes of Power)


Earring of the Solstice (Luclin)

Bastion of Thunder Tower Access Quests

Plane of Justice Trials Quest Guide

PoStorms Aiding Askr Quest (Alternative BoT Access)

Nitram's Collection (Plane of Innovation)

Destroy the Behemoth (Plane of Innovation)

Elder Gelok's Supplies (Plane of Tranquility/Innovation)

Tome of Dark Power (Plane of Knowledge)

Aid Fimli (Plane of Knowledge)

Aid Garuuk (Plane of Knowledge)

Crown of Deceit (Plane of Knowledge)

Plane of Nightmare Hedge Event Quest Guide

Plane of Nightmare Bypass Hedge And Terris Flag Guide

Crypt of Decay Alternate Access (Plane of Disease)

Jimlok's Friend (Plane of Tranquility/Plane of Knowledge)
Powered Clockwork Talisman (Plane of Knowledge)
The Binden Concerrentia (Plane of Tranquility)

Key to Aerin'Dar's Lair (Plane of Valor)

Bertoxxulous Raid Event (Crypt of Decay)

Tallon & Vallon Zek Event (Drunder, Fortress of Zek)

Alekson Garn Trial (Halls of Honor)

Rhaliq Trell Trial (Halls of Honor)

Trydan Faye Trial (Halls of Honor)

Key to Saryrn's Tower (Plane of Torment)

Saryrn's Tower Guide (Plane of Torment)

Tower of Solusek Ro (Mini Bosses)


Plane of Fire (Planar Progression)

Plane of Air (Planar Progression)

Plane of Water (Planar Progression)

Plane of Earth (Planar Progression)


Lizardscale Plated Girdle (GoD Haste Belt)