Valley of Lunanyn - VoA Leveling Guide

The Valley of Lunanyn is one of the better and more unique VoA zones for players to level in and it stays quite popular for many expansions to come. The upper half of the zone is Tier 1 and is great later on for Rogues to assassinate, Berserkers to decap or Rangers to headshot. Of course other classes can hunt here too - it's just extra good for the aforementioned ones.

In the Tier 1 area of Valley of Lunanyn you'll find 8 different named enemies to kill or look out for. They spawn in all different areas of the field and depending on what you can handle will determine what you should do about these guys. The loot they drop isn't prestige and it's attuneable so it'll actually be worth your time to kill the nameds (if you can) since you could always sell what you can't use.

an angry mob leader: Summons 3 adds to attack you during the fight

Archon Haerin: Single Target 6 second 22k DoT with a silence.

Enraged Fertility Spirit: Summons 3 a fertility spiritling adds.

Hungry Spirit: 38k DoT Lifetap.

Lancer Archon Gaoril: An AE 30k DD with knockback.

Moonshade: 200k Self heal.

Overgrown Dung Beetle: PBAE 21k Direct Damage Spell with 14k DoT over 4 ticks. 35 counters to dispell (Poison).

The Moonflower: Single target 16k DoT that lasts for 3 ticks. 45 counters to dispell (Poison).

After you pass through the small tunnel that connects the upper half of the Valley of Lunanyn to the bottom half - you'll be in the Tier 2 territory. The mobs in this part of the zone get a little bit harder than what you may be used to seeing in the top half part.

Those who are solo/boxing a character or two will want to stay in the upper portion of Tier 2 where I have the two purple circles on the map above. You'll be able to single pull and kite enemies throughout these areas without having to worry as much about adds.

Far down in the southern portion of the zone where the orange circle is you'll find a camp of alaran enemies. I can only recommend this camp to a full group or a really well geared/prepared smaller group/boxer. You should expect every pull to have 2+ mobs with it and you'll have to handle the named enemies at this camp that'll come with regular trash adds.

You should also be prepared for some really terrible pathing resulting in 5+ mobs at some times. The one upside is that this camp is nearest to Sarith's zone line which will help you make a quick getaway if things go south quick.

The northern portion of Valley of Lunanyn (Tier 1) will be light blue at level 100 and still rather decent EXP if you're a Ranger, Rogue or Berserker. Southern Lunanyn is dark blue at level 100 and has better EXP than the Tier 1 area but it has worse loot considering it's all No Trade (except on FV).

Additional Information

- You can reach Beasts' Domain through Argath which you'll have to go through the Guild Hall to get to. Use this guide if you need help getting here.

- If you're having trouble managing your Inventory Space I highly recommend you invest in some Extraplanar Trade Satchels which are 32 Slot Tradeskill Bags. Alternatively you could also buy Unexpanded Tailored Backpacks as well. Though, the Backpacks will likely be more expensive. Follow the links provided to learn more about each item.

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