Everfrost Peaks - Classic Leveling Guide

Everfrost Peaks Leveling Location

Everfrost Peaks is the Barbarian Noobie zone and it's one of the larger more out of the way noobie areas that there is in the game. To be frank, this zone is HUGE with many different locations to kill and an equally large level spread on the enemies that you can find here.

The picture I have above shows you the location you'll want to be hunting between the levels of 1 and 5. I've found that the best place to hunt for a solo Barbarian is the northern strip of land that the Plane of Knowledge book is located on. This long crevase has a ton of enemies that wander back and forth along it and makes a perfect hunting ground for noobs.

As for the small blue circles on the map above - they mark camps of ice goblins which are usually between the levels of 1 - 4. They come in pairs so I wouldn't recommend hunting them if you're soloing. You can find plenty of mobs just wandering around so running low on enemies shouldn't really be an issue here!

After you reach level 6 or 7 you'll be able to head east into the Everfrost Tundra area, shown on my map below. You're going to want to hang out pretty close to the safety of the tunnels. Pull enemies to where you can kill them without any adds. The easiest enemies for you to kill initially on the tundra are:

a polar bear (5 - 9)
a giant wooly spider (7-9)
a snow leopard (7-9)
a snow orc trooper (7 - 9)

If the tundra is too hard for you initially or you'd just like an alternative place to hunt you could try Blackburrow instead. If you travel directly south from Halas down to the bottom part of the tunnely area of Everfrost Peaks you'll find the tunnel that leads to Blackburrow.

Everfrost Peaks Tundra Leveling Location

The Everfrost Tundra is the largest part of Everfrost and for the most part all the enemies you find wandering around out here are lower level. There's tons of snow orcs which constantly roam around and end up agroing you which you'll have to watch out for at first but once you get into your teens they'll mostly just be an annoyance.

Once you're level 10 - 12 you will be able to start killing some of the tougher enemies in the tundra like the wooly mammoth calfs and the higher level orcs that you find in the area. Save any Mammoth Meat you find from the calfs and also be sure to loot any tusks as they have a pretty decent vendor price. Once you reach level 15 this noobie zone really starts to slow down a bit and you've got better places you can be at this level (and groups to join)!

Even though it's time to leave Everfrost Peaks I'd still like to point out the higher level camps incase you ever decide to come back. First thing to mention is the higher level wooly mammoths. These guys patrol the eastern part of the tundra and are in the low to mid 20s.

Also in the low to mid 20s are the gigantic wooly spiders which are grouped around a hill where the purple circle is on the map above. This camp is rather difficult since they're so jam packed together - you may need a friend or two to handle it unless you're twinked.

Finally the last camp in this entire zone is one of the best ones - Ice Giants! In the large red circle there's a highly popular camp of Ice Giants. They have very similar loot tables to Hill Giants which makes these guys camped almost 24/7 during classic and even quite a few expansions after.

The Ice Giants are in their low to mid 30s and if you'd like to learn more about that location you can always head over to my Everfrost Peaks Ice Giant Farming Guide.


Additional Zone Information

- In the northeastern part of the zone there is an LDoN adventurers camp that anyone can bind at. (It won't be here on P99) The camp isn't 100% safe to bind at either. You can also speak to the Magus at this camp for fast travel options, but they might not be available in Classic EQ.

- Aside from the PoK book the fastest way to reach this zone for non Barbarians is through Blackburrow which you'll need to reach through Qeynos Hills.

- This is one of the only locations in the game to farm Mammoth Meat.

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