Butcherblock - Classic Leveling Guide

Butcherblock Mountains Leveling Locations

Butcherblock Mountains is the starting zone for Dwarves and is directly connected to Greater Faydark, the starting zone for Wood Elves, High Elves and some Half Elves lucky enough to pick the right class/deity to avoid Qeynos!

For players that are between the levels of 1 - 5 you'll find the best location in this zone to hunt is around the entrance of Kaladim, the dwarven city. This area is marked with the large blue box on the picture of the map I have above.

As you level up you'll want to slowly start making your way away from Kaladim and pick off some of the harder enemies you come across while hunting. Butcherblock is a very large zone and because of that there isn't many areas where you're going to come across groups of enemies that pose a threat. As long as you avoid the obvious camps like the goblins, skeletons etc you'll almost always be fighting a foe 1 on 1 - this makes Butcherblock rather good for those soloing for these level brackets.

Once you get closer to level 10 you can move down to the large green box on the map below. This location has different enemies such as scarabs, basilisks and some of the higher level roamers that you saw before a bit further north. This location is good to hang out at until 12 - 13 but the EXP will start to drop off after 10. I'd recommend you head over to Crushbone or throw up /LFG while hunting in BB.

If you decide to stay in BB past level 10 you have two different options - both of them will require groups. The first option is the Chessboard which is marked with a purple circle on my map above. You'll find undead here in their teens which will usually come in pairs when pulled.

The other location you can do here (which is a harder than Chessboard) is the aqua goblins along the western edge of the zone. All along the ocean's edge you'll find camps of goblins which come in pulls of 2 - 4 and run like the wind when they get low on health. Not really recommended unless other locations are too crowded for you at this level.

Additional Zone Information

- This zone has two Translocators that port you to either Ocean of Tears or Timorous Deep.

- Druids can port to this zone, wizards can not.

- By the Greater Faydark Zoneline there is an LDoN adventure camp (won't be here on P99) that all players can bind at.

- When you forage in this zone you have a chance of getting an Aviak Egg. These are used in a Brewing Recipe which means they'll hold some value early on.

Butcherblock Allakhazam Zone Information

Butcherblock P99 Zone Information