Zhisza - The Buried Sea Leveling Guide

Zhisza Main Map

Zhisza is a very big zone that's designed in a very unique way, as you can tell from the map above. Most of the zone is windy passage ways with mobs placed here and there throughout them. If you're a soloer/duoer or just a small group and don't mind being mobile, these passages are your best bet.

The place you first zone into Zhisza at has a buttload of enemies. Aside from the temple at the northern most end, which we'll get to later, this is probably the best location to camp. The named that spawns in this area, The Stonecarver, drops a great Ranged item for Necromancers, Mages and Beastlords (it increases the power of your pet) and also a tank/melee necklace. Definitely a must for the pet classes who don't have a pet focus yet!

The Stonecarver: Orb of Stonecarving, Choker of the Stonecarver

Chitters: Jeweled Scarab Band, Sanguine Scarab Cord

Holloweyes: Cloak of the Sightless, Hollow Eye Hoop



Zhisza Shissar Pyramid Area

Northern most Zhisza you'll find the pyramid that's shown in my screen shot above. Outside of the pyramid you won't find many enemies, there's a named snake in the upper right hand corner of the area named King Brownscale but he doesn't drop anything good.

Inside of the pyramid you'll find a bunch of golem and shissar enemies, they're all really spaced out and it's not difficult at all to go through this pyramid fighting only one or two enemies at a time. On the first floor you'll find the Defilier Jaziriiz named. This floor also has the most enemies and is the biggest floor of them all, they get smaller as you go up.

The second floor is much like the first, spaced out enemies and easy to navigate. On the third and final floor of the temple you'll find Elder Kazzi. Also unlike the other floors up here the enemies will be a lot closer together and there's at least two enemies per room, usually more.

Defilier Jaziriiz: Jaziriiz's Bloodblade, Mask of Jaziriiz

Elder Kazzi: Amice of the Shissar Elders, Kazzi's Symbol


Additional Information

- In order to reach Zhisza, the Shissar Sanctuary you'll want to take the Guild Hall portal to Katta Castrum. Once there travel northwest to find the Zhisza portal. For more information on How to get to Zhisza, the Shissar Sanctuary follow the link provided to be taken to that guide.

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