Splitpaw - Classic Leveling Guide

Splitpaw Entrance Area

If you're a lower level player and don't have a group or are only boxing a few characters you'll want to stay as close to the South Karana zone out as possible. I'd recommend not going through the first set of double doors that you come across as that's when the zone starts jumping up in difficulty.

As an additional unrelated note, if you're looking for more information on this zone and you're playing on a TLP you'll need to use Project 99's write up since this zone was remade during the TSS era and all information on Allakhazam for it is missing or spotty at best.

Splitpaw Dungeon

The map above cuts out the intro area and shows you where the real dungeon begins! While navigating this dungeon you're going to have to be careful and pull all gnolls away from their allies. If you try to experience this dungeon as a "Dungeon crawl" you'll find yourself getting annoyed really fast when enemies heal each other through walls.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the above nameds shown on the map are *not* the same nameds you'll find on the TLP. As aforementioned you'll have to use P99's Splitpaw entry for the most accurate information for this zone.

One of the better items that drop from a named in Splitpaw is Robe of the Ishva. Additionally all gnolls in this zone have a chance of dropping a piece of the Split Paw leather Armor set. Split Paw Hide Gloves, Split Paw Hide Tunic, Split Paw Hide Mask, Split Paw Hide Belt.


Fine Steel Weapons

White Hellebore


Additional Zone Information

- Splitpaw has only a single zone connection which is to South Karana. The easiest way to reach SK is through North Karana which both Wizards and Druids can port to.

Splitpaw Allakhazam Zone Information (Unavailable/Completely out of date)

Splitpaw P99 Zone Information