Acrylia Caverns - Luclin Leveling Guide

Entrance Area

Acrylia Caverns is basically broken up into two different parts. The first is the entrance area which is outside of the castle (shown in the map above). This entire area is good for players 45 - 55 that are solo, with a small group or with a full group. I'd recommend solo players be well geared if they're going to try to hunt here.

While hunting in Acrylia Caverns you'll want to keep your eye out for any Acrylia Ore that you come across. It's used in crafting and can be pretty valuable for this expansion and a few expansions to come. In this part of the zone there are 3 different named enemies for you to kill. Each of them are marked on the map above, below is some information about what they drop.

a grimling primalist: Acrylic Chestplate, Grimling Skin Mask

a grimling ritualist: Acrylic Chainmail, Metallic Grimling Bone

a grimling bloodpriest: Blackened Acrylia Blade, Blackened Acrylia Greatsword

In order to reach the Castle within Acrylia Caverns you'll want to travel all the way down the southwestern end of the map above. You can see in pink where it says "ck to Castle" next to the named location, a grimling bloodpriest. In this room is a little statue, click on it to be teleported to the castle!


Once inside the castle the difficulty of this zone really starts to pick up. I recommend inside the castle for small groups or full groups with players that are 55+. The best camp for smaller groups is the main room/bottom floors of the castle. It sounds counter intuitive but the main room has enemies that are fairly spaced out and easy to pick off.

Additionally if you go down into the jail cells (below the main room) you'll find a single named just chilling here, a grimling arch sage. You can pick him off - and just him - without worrying about being attacked by any other enemies in the vicinity. That makes him a perfect target for soloers or smaller groups!

Aside from the occasional Acrylia Ore the regular enemies in this area don't drop much of anything that's really good or worth anything. They drop a ton of different Runes which do sell to vendors but they take up so much inventory space I don't really find them worth looting.

Here are a list of all the different named enemies that you can find inside the castle area of Acrylia Caverns:

a grimling arch sage: Black Acrylia Shield, Grimling Earbone

a grimling arcanist: Blackened Acrylia Blade, Blackened Acrylia Greatsword

a grimling spiritist: Acrylia Inlaid Shield, Black Acrylia Boots

a grimling warlord: Arcanist's Skull, Black Acrylia Gauntlets

a grimling high priest: Compass of Khati Sha, Grimling Contraption


Additional Information

- The only way to reach Acrylia Caverns is by traveling through Grimling Forest, which is a zone both Wizards and Druids can port to. If you can't get a port you'll have to go the really long way here from Shar Vahl.

- Khati Sha the Twisted is a raid encounter that takes place in this zone.

Pickzone Threshold: 20 - 25 Players

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