Toxxulia Forest - Classic Leveling Guide

The Toxxulia Forest is the Erudite noobie zone that's located on the Odus continent. Originally this zone and the Kerra Islands were two different locations but some point in the last decade Daybreak/SoE merged Toxxulia Forest and the Kerra Islands together.

Erudite players 1 - 5 will find tons of lower level enemies patroling around the northern and southern most portions of the zone to kill. Lower level players will want to stick near the Erudin/Paineel zone lines to avoid running into higher level enemies.

I'd also recommend that you avoid the kobold camps until you're about level 5 or unless you have a group since these guys are level 2 - 4 and they usually come in pairs of groups of three. As you start to level up and reach level 5 you'll want to start hunting around the river in central Toxxulia, shown in my screen shot above.

Just south of the river you'll find some higher level enemies, usually between the levels 7 - 11. Instead of being called just "a fire beetle" or "a briar snake" these enemies are called "a giant briar snake" and "a giant fire beetle". These guys are a bit higher level than the smaller versions and are one of the only enemies you can hunt in this zone between the levels of 5 - 10.

Once you reach the early teens (or if you find a group before that) you'll be able to hunt on the Kerra Islands which have enemies mostly between the levels of 14 - 22. At the very start of the island, on the eastern most end, you'll find Kerra enemies which are level 11 and 12, 13 at the most. If you're not twinked out and are a lower level I strongly recommend you stay around this area.

The deeper you go into Kerra Island the higher the enemies levels and the more you should expect with each pull. There's a lot of roamers in this are and the buildings that the Kerra hang out in generally have two to five enemies in them. Players or groups who can't handle more than one enemy at a time will have great difficulty hunting deeper into the city.

Hamed Grarr: Hamed's Ring of Tears, Kerran Tribal Headband

Khonza Mitty of Kerra: No unique loot that I know of. Does count toward Hunter though.

Alrik Pasdar: Kerran Headband

The Kerran Sha`rr: Hexed Kerran Doll, Kerran War Spear

Jo Jo: Mystical Claws of Jojo, Tiger Hide Gloves

Lord Gongo: Gorilla Hide Leggings, Gorilla Hide Mask




Additional Zone Information

- Wizards and Druids can port to Toxxulia Forest; there are also Nexus Spires here. If you don't have a porter the only way here is through Erudin or Paineel, those locations you'll need to reach through boat.

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