Crypt of Sul - TBM Leveling Guide

Crypt of Sul Leveling Locations

A little warning before you get excited about anything in Tier 2 TBM... In all TBM Tier 2 content you'll have a debuff placed on you until you complete the entire expansion's progression. This debuff will decrease your total health, mana and endurance by 25 - 30% depending on how long you stay in the zone.

Crypt of Sul doesn't require any flagging to enter and is the only T2 zone in TBM like that. To reach Crypt of Sul you'll want to click the Skull that's on top of the table in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life. Be very careful when you zone in as the entrance is just barely safe. It doesn't give you much wiggle room before you agro one of the four sentinels that's surrounding the zone out clicky.

As you can see on my map above, I have two locations marked which are good for groups. The first one and easier/better location is Bokon Revel the Reborn. This camp stands out because he drops a non prestige shield aug which is fantastic.

Bokon Revel the Reborn: Sash of Triumphant Return, Rationalist's Sigil

The next camp worth mentioning in this zone is about 5x harder than Bokon's camp depending on if you plan to clear the entire camp or just strategically pull the named. If you just strategically pull the named then I have seen this camp handled with as little as two people before. If you plan to pull the entire room though, well, things get a bit more tough!

If you couldn't already guess I am talking about the area marked with a green circle on my map above, The Watcher's camp. Where I placed the green circle is usually where I park my group and then I pull the room little by little. The two people that I watched do this camp solo usually park in the Devourer of All's room and kill The Watcher from there.

The item(s) that make this camp worth mentioning is Shade's Phase and Condensed Desiccated Bile which drops off The Watcher. Shade's Phase is a Non prestige EM earring and Condensed Desiccated Bile is a non prestige augmentation.

The Watcher: Shade's Phase, Yoke of Suppurating Memories

Devourer of All: Festering Clarity, Condensed Desiccated Bile

In addition to the items listed above each named in TBM has a chance of dropping Raw Crypt-Hunter Gear which is used in making the group armor for the TBM expansion. The main difference with the TBM group armor though is it's useful to characters 75 - 105! If you'd like to read more about it I recommend you head over to my TBM Gearing Guide as it'll explain this in more detail.

Also, the named enemies of this expansion also have a chance of dropping Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater and Glowing Essences of Life. These are Spell Runes which will give you Rank 2 spells much like the Briny Essences of the TDS expansion.


Additional Information

Pickzone Threshold: 20 Players?

- When in this zone you'll suffer from a debuff that decreases your total HP/MP and Endurance by 25 - 30%. You will need to complete TBM expansion's progression in order to remove this debuff.

- In the center of the Mayor's building in northern Sul Vius Life & Decay you'll find a table with a skull on it. Click on the skull to zone into Crypt of Sul; for more information check out my How to get to Crypt of Sul Guide.

- There are four sets of collectibles that you can find in this zone belonging to the Relics of Sul Achievement.

- All of the Tier 2 TBM named enemies have a small chance of dropping an Enameled Box, a 40 slot 100% Weight Reduction container.

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