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Fortress Mechanotus - SoF Leveling Guide

The southern most portion of Fort Mech is the large open field area where you can find multiple nameds, a raid boss and a lot of enemies densely packed together. Compared to Dragonscale Hills, this zone is much more difficult - you should expect every pull to be two or three enemies, maybe more.

If you're not boxing I would recommend you stay in the southernmost areas and don't go up the elevator to the first or second floors. If you hang around the wall of Fort Mechanotus (the northern portion of the field) you'll find enough enemies that're spaced out enough to pick off.

Bewary of the central area of the large southern field. There's a raid boss that patrols this area, Octa the Collector, and there's no way you're going to be able to handle him unless you're 100+ or with a raid.


Field Nameds:

Bablage, Master Lifter: Lifter's Insignia Ring, Signate Ring of the Master Lifter, Steelgrip Power-Wrench

The Gearmarshal: All-Purpose Longwrench, Gearmarshal's Emblazoned Joint Plating, Mechanomagical Torso Joint Plating

Firemarshal Unit IV: Emblem of the Firemarshal, Fire Reminder, Firemarshal's Signal Whistle, Necklace of Fire Beads

Siegemarshal Kenti Tinwhistle: Mechanomagical Upper Appendage Joint Plating, Perilous Pike, Siegemarshal's Collar

Chief Machinist Bildarol: Bildarol's Belt of Gears, Girding of the Disks, Magma-ground Dirk


The first and second floors of Fortress Mechanotus have one named on them each and are the same difficulty as the southern field. Inside each of the oval rooms you'll find 5 - 8 enemies, which is what makes these floors a bit trickier to handle than the previous areas. Before Swarming was nerfed for Shadow Knights this location was one of the most popular locations for SKs to swarm.


First Floor Named:

Groundskeeper Contongle: Deadly Weeder's Knives, Gardener's Shawl, Groundskeeper's Shawl


Second Floor Named:

Belchforth the Unclean: Alloy-Linked Wristguard, Belchforth Pearl, Condensed Cleaning Residue, Glossy Silk Wristband, Scratched Hide Wristband, Warped Steel Bracer


Finally the last portion of Fortress Mechanotus is the northern most portion which consists of an extremely long hallway and many wide open rooms with densely packed mobs, much like the other areas of this zone. If you're able to handle the previous floors you'll do just fine with this one too.

There's plenty of different areas for you to make a camp at up here; the areas I like best are the rooms just north of the rooms at each end of the hallway that have the large cylindrical buildings in them. Confused? Where Eldervine the Twisted is on the map above is one of the two rooms that I am talking about.

Just north of these rooms you'll find a lot of enemies that're spread out enough to not overwhelm you but densly packed enough to not have you traveling far. The rooms that you see on the map above at the top right and left are reached by taking the elevators down to them. These areas don't make the best camps since there's a lot of trash piles that you have to navigate around/avoid and can get stuck on.


Nameds on top floor:

Steamwork Guardian Model I: Alloy-Linked Coif, Glossy Silk Hat, Scratched Hide Cowl, Warped Steel Helm, Steam Suit Power Cell, The Guardian's Power Coil

Sootmane the Brute: Alloy-Linked Leggings, Glossy Silk Pantaloons, Scratched Hide Leggings, Warped Steel Greaves, Warped Steel Vambraces, Minotaur Mane Soot (Aug)

Eldervine the Twisted: Alloy-Linked Coat, Glossy Silk Robe, Scratched Hide Tunic, Tainted Brownie Heart (Aug), Warped Steel Breastplate


Nameds in the garbage dump:

Hardbottom, Recycler Union: Alloy-Linked Wristguards, Glossy Silk Wristband, Scratched Hide Wristguard, Warped Steel Bracer, Hardbottom's Greasecase Gasket, Mechanomagical Spring

Hogswaller: Alloy-Linked Boots, Copper Friction Ring, Glossy Silk Slippers, Hogswaller's Voice System Casing, Scratched Hide Boots, Warped Steel Boots

Rusty: Alloy-Linked Gauntlets, Glossy Silk Gloves, Rusty Gear (Aug), Rusty Steamwork Eye, Scratched Hide Gloves, Warped Steel Gauntlets



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