Crystal Caverns - RoF Leveling Guide

This is the Rain of Fear version of Crystal Caverns and as such has enemies in it that are level 90+; if you're looking for the Velious Crystal Caverns follow the link provided to be taken to that guide instead. This zone has the exact same layout as the old version of Crystal Caverns - even the enemies are the same... Which means if you're already familiar with the zone you'll definitely have an advantage here!

First up, the camp that's most popular in both versions of Crystal Caverns - the orcs! Right when you zone into this zone from East Wastes you'll find yourself at the camp of Orcs. It's a maze-like cave system that loops around and cuts through the central area multiple times. There's a bunch of hallways & walkways all of them typically have orcs standing around ready to attack anyone who intrudes.

I'd recommend you make camp at the bottom of the room, the same place that the Crystal Caverns Raid Event takes place (if you're familiar with that). The reason I prefer the central area at the bottom of the cave is because it's easiest to pull to this location and you can pretty much pull all the nameds from this spot in the area.


Foreman Smason: Fear Touched Armguards, Foreman's Spiked Bracer, Smason's Bite (Aug), Smason's Heart

Pit Boss Torgud: Fear Touched Helm, Pit Boss' Reach, Stone Hand of Torgud, Velium Knuckles of the Pit

Overseer Grydon: Fear Touched Armguards, Fear Touched Tunic, Grydon's Blazing Sceptre, Grydon's Shackle, Overseer's Bindings

Prospector Wersan: Fear Touched Gloves, Fear Touched Helm, Ry`Gorr Ceremonial Dagger, The Prospector's Loot, Wersan's Treasure

A Ry`Gorr Inspector: Fear Touched Boots, Frosted Topaz (Aug), Spaulders of the Agile Mind, Dexterous Shoulderpads



The second portion of Crystal Caverns that makes for a good hunting location is reached by traveling through the dwarf city and south (or east) to the caves below. Here you'll find an assortment of enemies including crystal spiders, tentacle monsters and geonids. Most camps down here only have one named enemy per location which will make it a bit easier than the aforementioned orcs.

Soloers/Small groups will do best hunting the area by the waterfall or by the geonids near the EW zone line. Larger groups or well geared smaller groups can make camp at the Hollow Crystal/Terror Carver camp and also pull the nearby Stalag Purifier named too.

Last but not least, Queen Dracnia is found far east in the zone and she's not really a good named for people to camp. With the water surrounding her little island it makes pulling in this area a real pain in the butt. Enemies get stuck in the water and stay down there for minutes as you wait for them to 'pop' ontop of your group at camp once pulled. It's all around blah. If you plan to kill Queen Dracnia I recommend you don't make camp in this area but rather just keep your team mobile.


A Life Leech: Accursed Grin of Malevolence, Crystallized Slug (Aug), Life Leech Tentacle, Stone Band of the Stalag Form + Fear Touched Gear & Dreadmotes

A Stalag Purifier: Chained Stalag Runes of Salik, Imbued Mud, Meditative Runed Sash, Sturdy Stalag Shard

A Crystal Lurker: Crystal Lurker Silk Band, Crystal Visor, Rugged Silk Band, Hardened Lurker Visage

A Hollow Crystal: Crystal-Studded Cummerbund, Jeweled Plate Belt, Vitalizing Stone (Aug)

A Terror Carver: Accursed Grin of Malevolence, Band of Focused Terror, Enlightening Chaos Band, Terror's Juju

A Focus Gem: Jeweled Locket, Nimble Gem Pendant, Stalwart Fear Amethyst

Queen Dracnia: Dracnia's Focus, Queen's Silk Pall, Shadow Web Shawl, Squishy Spider Eye

Note: Vitalizing Stone and Crystallized Slug are both Attuneable Augmentations which will be valuable on servers with regular loot rules. Not many augmentations are Attuneable and collecting them is a pain in the butt which means these will almost always have value.


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