Plane of Disease - PoP Leveling Guide

Plane of Disease Level Locations

Plane of Disease is one of the earliest and easiest zones available in the Plane of Power expansion pack. This zone doesn't require you to be any higher than level 46 to enter and it's one of the best zones for kiters as well as groups/boxers who enjoy what I call "Field Killing".

Aside from the castle in the western most portion of the zone - basically every camp is a Field Camp. It's typically best to make your group's camp against one of the walls and pull the enemies to here. Hunting out in the middle of the field can become deadly quite quickly considering enemies here patrol around and overlap quite frequently.

The area marked with a (#1) on my map above is most frequently where I find soloers kiting mobs around which they pull from the Flies & Larva island to the northeast. This location is almost where Grimror Plaguebringer roams who starts the Alternative Access to Crypt of Decay quest.

All the way up north is one of the most dense fields in the zone. This is where I placed a (#2) at on my map above. Depending on how good your group is I would recommend you avoid the large hollowed out pipes filled with Puslings. Normally when pulling in this area they all come.

Down south where I have the (#3) marked on my map is where you will find a bunch of Arachnae Spiders which are caster enemies and are great for lower level groups - except for the fact that they Complete Heal. As long as you don't pull too many, or so long as you have CC you'll do fine.

The Arachnae Spiders also have a chance of dropping Arachnae Fangs which are used in the Aid Garuuk Quest. This quest requires a few other drops from different PoP zones but none of which will be hard to collect for a boxer.

Finally the last location I have marked is (#4). I've personally never hunted here myself but more often than not when I see someone come to this zone looking to kite they do it here or at the entrance. In this area there are a bunch of lightcrawler enemies which are great for kiting & charming.


Additional Information

- The Plane of Disease is one of the first zones you can enter without any PoP flags/requirements.

- You can find Plane of Disease in the north eastern portion of Plane of Tranquility. You have to jump into the large poop pipe.

- Ethereal Parchments and Spectral Parchments that drop are used for PoP Spells. For more information about the PoP Spell Quests follow the link provided.

Plane of Disease Allakhazam Zone Information