Innothule Swamp - Classic Leveling Guide

Innothule Swamp - Classic Leveling Guide

Innothule Swamp is the starting location for Trolls in the early days of EQ. Unlike most noob zones I can only recommend this one to Trolls or Ogres since Innothule Swamp actually has Troll Guards which patrol like the entire friken swamp!! They're super annoying because they even patrol around the zone in for LDoNs - attacking any good aligned players they see!

For levels 1 - 5 you'll want to hang around the southern portion of Innothule Swamp, just north of Grobb's entrance but still south of The Feerrott zone line. Snakes, Kobolds, Rats and weaker Frogloks can be found in abundance in this area. As you start to level up you'll want to slowly inch your way north fighting the harder enemies as you go up.

Inside the large green box on my map above marked 3 - 6 you'll find the following enemies to kill:

a froglok (2 - 4)
a swamp alligator (3 - 5)
a fungus man tracker (4 - 6)
a water moccasin (4 - 6)
a froglok fisherman (4 - 6)
a froglok guard (4 - 6)

As well as some others. You'll occasionally find some of the harder enemies wandering down into the green box too like troll raiders and invaders. I'd recommend you hang around inside the green area until at least level 6 - the area outside of Upper Guk makes a decent location to hunt at if you can handle the adds.

Once you're level 6 or 7 you can safely hunt the northern most orange box I have marked on the map above. This location has most of the higher level enemies in the zone. Their level spread is usually 6 - 9 but some baddies up here are in their early teens so you'll want to be careful and con everything before you end up getting yourself a one way trip back to the Soul Binder!

After Innothule Swamp your best bet for leveling up is South Ro or North Ro. Unless you wanna do some traveling then there's gonna be way more options for you!

Additional Zone Information

- This zone can be accessed from The Feerrott as well as South Ro. There are no ports to Innothule unless you count the PoK book.

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