Dead Hills Gribble Heroic Adventures

Gribble Grobblenobber

Before I say any I have to admit that I totally call this NPC Gribble Knobgobbler because it's 10x easier to say than his real name and I find it funny. Sorry, this is the only guide I will do something like this but I'm gonna go with it!

Ok, so you can find Gribble Knobgobbler at the camp in southern most Dead Hills. Hail him and say [willing] and a list of tasks will pop up (shown in the screen shot below). At first the only one you can accept is Into the Hills; once you beat that task you can accept Scouting Ahead and then finally Disrupting the Ritual.

For the purposes of this guide we're only going to be farming Into the Hills and Scouting Ahead. The Disrupting the Ritual task isn't as easy as the other two so I can't really recommend you do that one for such easy EXP/Marks of Valor as the other two.

Gribble Tasks

For Into the Hills the hardest part will be the very first part of the task. The first part is ironically the hardest part of the entire mission. You need to be careful not to run too far ahead initially and spawn mobs ontop of yourself. The first few pulls are a bit tough too - you can pull 5 or 6 if you don't attack the right mob initially.

The rest of the Into the Hills instance is pretty basic though - most pulls past the entry mobs are 3 enemies at most which is basically nothing to a full group. If you're struggling while you run this instance (or any of the other CoTF instances) I would strongly recommend you keep at it until you have enough Marks of Valor to purchase some gear.

If the pulls of three give you trouble save your cool downs and burns just for them - that'll guarantee you'll be able to take out those enemies without pause. Each of these instances has a rare chance of spawning a named enemy, as you can see on the map the named for Into the Hills is a mosquito named Bloodsucker.

Bloodsucker: Primal Force Ring, Sign of Fury, Blood Drinker's Coating (zone wide rare named drop)

That's basically all there is to the Into the Hills Heroic Adventure! This is actually the more complicated of the two Heroic Adventures that this guide is going to discuss. Considering the fact that Into the Hills wasn't really complicated at all that should shed some light on just how easy the next HA happens to be...

Dead Hills

Next up on our list we have the Heroic Adventure; Scouting Ahead! Before I say anything else though I would like to draw your attention to the map above with all the pretty colors. For those of you who benefit from visual aids you can find both Heroic Adventures marked on the map above, green is for the HA we just did, Into the Hills and the light blue is for the one we're about to discuss, Scouting Ahead.

The different color lines signify the routes you'll be taking through each Heroic Adventure (more or less) and I placed them there so you know exactly where it is on the map our entire Heroic Adventure takes place. Now, as for the Scouting Ahead HA, let's take that apart...

For the first part of Scouting Ahead you'll have to kill about 17 different enemies which vary randomly from HA to HA. You'll be told to kill either Mosquitoes (easiest), Vegerogs (middle), Undead Monstrosities (hardest) for the first part of this task. The Vegerogs and Undead will con yellow to you but the Mosquitoes are always even cons.

Ironically just like the Heroic Adventure before this one, the first part of this HA is sometimes the hardest. If you get Vegerogs or Undead Monstrosities a 3 pull could be a problem for you if your gear isn't the best; mosquitoes though on the other hand aren't nearly as deadly and you could easily handle a three pull of them.

After the first part of the task is over you'll be told to kill the Xulous enemies. You may also have to loot Dusty Xulous Artifacts off them as well for this part of the task; sometimes you only have to 'beat information out of them' though. Once you complete that part you're onto the final part of the mission which is basically the same just with different item names. Also, then named enemy will spawn between this step and the next one. Deathcaller Xylok is the named that has a chance to spawn in this HA.

Deathcaller Xylok: Signet of Blood, Ring of Stolen Graves, Blood Drinker's Coating (zone wide rare named drop)

Depending on your Heroic Adventure you'll need to loot either some dynamite or excavation tools from undead enemies. Or you'll need to loot a spell book from some xulous enemies. After you get the item you just need to use it - which you can click on it from anywhere in the entire HA and it'll complete the step. Then just hail Gribble Knobgobbler and you're good to go.

There's one last very important thing for me to talk about and that's the Marks of Valor you get from this expansion. These items are used for purchasing all different types of gear and augmentations in Ethernere: West Karana. Arguably you probably already know about this and it's why you're running these HA to begin with. If you don't though - I strongly suggest you read up on it as it's one of the best ways to get gear that's good enough to take you to 105 - 110.

If you would like to learn more about the gear and augmentations you can purchase with Marks of Valor I recommend you check out my Mark of Valor CoTF Gearing Guide. That should answer any questions you have left about this expansions group currency!


Additional Information

- You can reach Dead Hills by traveling through Dulak's Harbor and taking the boat.

- There are four sets of collectibles in this zone that you can find belonging to the Dead Relics Achievement.

- Every named enemy in Dead Hills has a small chance of dropping the zone wide rare, Blood Drinker's Coating.

- There are rare items unique to Call of the Forsaken called chase items. For an Advloot list of all these chase items that you can use on your own characters head over to my CoTF Advloot Chase Item List page and copy and paste it into your own LF_AN file. More info about how to do that is found on this page.

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