Classic EQ

- Faydwer Antonica and Odus where the main Continents.

- Level cap was 50

- Erudites can play Shadow Knights

- East Commons was the shit

Everquest: Ruins of Kunark

- Kunark was added

- Epic Weapons

- Level cap was raised to 60.

- Iksar's became a playable race

Everquest: The Scars of Velious

- Velious was added

- Plane of Hate and Fear revamp

- End period for "Classic" Everquest

Everquest: The Shadows of Luclin

- New Playable race The Vah shir

- New continent Luclin

- New class Beastlord

- The Bazaar

- Alternate Advancement Added (AA's)

Everquest: The Planes of Power

- Plane of Knowledge added

- New large Planes area added off the Plane of Knowledge

- Tons of new raid zones

- Level Cap increased to 65

Everquest: The Legacy of Ykesha

- New Playable Race, Frogloks

- More Bank Space

- Able to dye your armor

- New Armor Slot: Charm

- New Mount added Drogmors

- New Server added, Stromm

- Zone Maps

- New Area

- Tools to Manage your guild better

Everquest: Lost Dungeons of Norrath

- Can start an LDoN when you're in a group with 3 or more people. (No one does them anymore, but in my opinion they are the coolest and funnest things ever.)

- Adventure Leader boards added

- Indoor SoW from Adventure Points and a bunch of other spells

Everquest: The Gates of Discord

- New Continent to explore

- New Class added. The Berserker.

- Leadership Experience

- First Fabled Event

- Tribute System

Everquest: Omens of War

- Level cap raised to 70

- Epic Weapons 2.0

- Guild Tribute System

- Large new area added

- Extra Spell Slot (With an AA)

- Veteran Rewards Introduced

- Some server merges take place

- Wall of Slaughter & Citadel of Anguish

Everquest: Dragons of Norrath

- Zone Revamps

- New Barter System in the Bazaar

- Potion Belt, and Bandolier added

- Guild Lobby and Guild Hall

- Cultural Armor

- "Intelligent" Items

- Massive amounts of server merges

- Radiant and Ebon Crystals added

- Nektulos Forest Revamped

- DoN missions and camps

Everquest: Depths of Darkhollow

- Monster Missions

- Spirit Shrouds

- Evolving Items

- Large area near Nektulos Forest added

Everquest: Prophecy of Ro

- More Bank space

Everquest: The Serpents Spine

- New playable race Drakkin

- Level cap increased to 75

- New city Cresent Reach

- All new zones added for levels 1-75

Everquest: The Buried Sea

- New inventory slot Energian Items

- New Continent/Area Katta Castrum

- Katta Missions added, Alternate Currency added and Orum added

Everquest: The Secrets of Faydwer

- Level cap increased to 80

- Legends of Norrath Added

- New zones/Area

- Heroic Stats

- Defiant Armor

- Loping Planes and Dragonscale Hills (Popular zones)

Everquest: Seeds of Destruction

- Merc's added (Best addition ever)

- Level cap increased to 85

- The Void added (New area)

- No longer drop gear when you die

Everquest: Underfoot

- Added extended target window

- This expansion also added Achievements /ach to access

- Focus Target Window

Everquest: House of Thule

- Level Increased to 90

- Housing System & Guild Housing added

- Inventory size increased

Everquest: Veil of Alaris

- Level cap increased to 95

- Hotbar size increased to 12 buttons per page

- Added a feature which lets you click on items directly from bags

- Parcel vendors were added which let you send in game items to other players

- Many different decorations for housing & guild housing

Everquest: Rain of Fear

- Level cap increased to 100

- Hunter Achievements added

- Collections & Collectibles added

- Autonomous Bazaar Trader Mode (Offline Trader)

- Able to purchase items from The Bazaar & have them parceled to you

- Gear specifically tells you what classes it's designed for

Everquest: Call of the Forsaken

- Mercenary AA system

- Heroic Adventures added - similar to LDoNs

- 2 more Shared Bank Slots Available

- Hero's Forge Armor Sets added

- Hero's Fortitude/Resolution & other AAs added for completing an expansion's progression

Everquest: The Darkened Sea

- Level cap increase to 105

- Mount Key Ring

- Progression is required for almost the entire expansion

Everquest: The Broken Mirror

- Raids that scale with your level (PoHate & PoFear)

- Illusion Key Ring

- Dichotomic Abilities which get better as you complete the expansion's progression

Everquest: Empires of Kunark

- Tradeskill were increased from 300 - 350

- Familiar Key Ring

- A buttload of New AAs were added including many Focus AAs