Vxed, The Crumbling Caverns - GoD Leveling Guide

Vxed is an instanced zone that can only be entered by expedition from Apprentice Udranda in Barindu. There are two versions of this zone you can access, the regular version which this guide covers or the mission version that's used in the Gates of Discord expansion progression. The expedition lasts for 6 hours which will give you plenty of time to hunt throughout the zone. After 6 hours you're booted back out to Barindu.

As you could probably already guess, this zone can be quite the challenge for players who aren't prepared. Many of the pulls in this zone consist of 2 - 5 enemies each and to make matters worse... Almost all enemies are buffed with Spirit of the Wolf and some of them have the clever idea to run away from you at full speed when they get to 30%.

The named enemies in this zone can spawn in many different places (as you can see from the maps on this page) but they won't even begin to spawn until you first defeat about 10 enemies in the expedition. At which point you'll start seeing nameds spawn once you defeat their place holders.

Below is a list of the named enemies that you will find throughout Vxed. I've only listed the gear/augs that they drop - not the items which can be used in Quests.

Chavoor the Trickster: Burnished Antique Greaves, Polished Garnet Loop, Pulsing Gem of Refreshment

Umbiki: Cloak of the Sharp Eye, Gleaming Stone of Vengeance (Aug), Robe of Forgotten Paths

Ukun Bloodbeast: Circlet of the Muramites, Cudgel of the Oppressor, Nihil Bone Charm

Kyv Hunter: Black-Edged Knuckles, Etched Flesh Tunic, Seamless Spiked Leggings

The enemies in this expedition do respawn, which means you can pick a spot you find comfortable and hunker down with your group. Unless you're very well geared I would recommend that you avoid making camp in the northwestern most portion of this zone where the bridge is (the location shown on the map to the left below). From my experience in this zone, this is arguably the hardest spot due to mob density and the fact that they run at low health.

If you're looking for the easiest part of the zone, I would recommend the locations in the northeastern most portion of the map, the area shown in the map above on the right. The rooms with the Misguided Belundu Corpse and Stonespiritist Ekikoa I believe are the best areas for an under geared or under leveled group.

Ikaav Firecaller: Entwined Cord of the Ikaav, Shard of Fleeting Thoughts (Aug), Shimmering Serpentine Girdle

Misguided Beludu Corpse: Blood-Imbrued Protector, Cloak of the Caverns, Smooth Sandstone Figurine

As far as vendor trash goes, there isn't much at all that drops here. The enemies don't drop much plat per kill nor do they drop a lot of gems or items you can sell at a vendor. What I do recommend you keep an eye out for though are the Hynid Hides and Cragbeast Hides (Low, Medium and High Quality) as well as Hynid Blood. These items are all used in Tailoring to craft bags with pretty high weight reduction on them. They're also required recipes for 300 - 350 Tailoring... But that's still many many expansions away (Empires of Kunark).

Last but not least, I feel it is worth mentioning that many of the items you find from nameds throughout this zone contain focus effects. These are bonuses which start becoming common place on items throughout many expansions to come and make the gear significantly better than gear without them.


Additional Information

- In order to reach Vxed you need to speak with Apprentice Udranda in Barindu to get the Expedition which'll allow you access. For more information on How to Get to Vxed and Tipt follow the link provided.

- Both items you need for the Lizardscale Plated Girdle quest, Polished Stonemight Shells and Untained Spectral Essence can be found from enemies in this zone.

Vxed, the Crumbling Caverns Allakhazam Zone Information