World of Warcraft Classic
Posted on October 6th, 2019

I caved and decided to play WoW Classic. I'm 5 boxing with a Warrior, Priest, Warlock, Warlock, Warlock team and currently I am level 58 almost 59. Once I reach level 60 and get more experience under my belt I will absolutely make boxing guides for WoW Classic which will be similar to my Everquest Boxing Guides.

To go along with my return to WoW Classic I have updated my WoW Classic Farming Guides. Over the next few months I will be rolling out massive updates on them - I have to reorganize every WoW guide on my website similar to what I did two years ago with the Everquest Guides. I'm going to be releasing some of the WoW Farming Guides first to people who are donating to me on Patreon, only like a few days ahead of time. Just to reward anyone who is donating and also playing WoW Classic.

Finally the last thing I want to draw people's attention to in this update is my Youtube Channel which is where I will be making videos of my 5 Boxing in World of Warcraft.

Blackrock Depths 5 Boxing

WoW Classic Phase 1 Auction House Tips

Almar's WoW Classic Farming Guides

WoW Classic 5 Boxing (My Setup & How I Play My Team)

Subscribe to me if you're currently playing WoW Classic and you'd like to keep up to date with any future Auction House/Farming tips or Boxing Guides. I'll be uploading more videos of Blackrock Depths and Lower Blackrock Spire today! Once I hit 60 (tomorrow) I will begin doing Stratholme and Scholomance and make videos of them too. More updates will come in the future about my boxing adventures in WoW Classic.

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Final Fantasy Update
Posted on August 16th, 2019

Within the last month or two I have been doing guides for Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8. I'm done much of Final Fantasy 7, I only have to do guides for the final battle and both Ruby + Emerald Weapon to fully complete the game.

There's still a lot to do with Final Fantasy 8, I am done about half the game as far as a full walkthrough goes as well as many of the side quests. Currently I have only released the Side Quests that I have finished because I don't want to release an unfinished full walkthrough. I think I plan to do Final Fantasy 9 after this, or maybe an earlier Final Fantasy that isn't so time intensive to write guides for. These games take A LOT of time to do guides for, especially FF8 the card game is a nightmare.

Final Fantasy 7 Guides

Final Fantasy 8 Guides

Additionally I have started adding a few Youtube guides here and there too, mostly to supplement the written ones. I'd really like to do videos every now and then again for some of the more popular content but paying for and learning how to use edit software isn't something I have time for right now. I really should learn photoshop too so I can stop using MS Paint!

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Dragon Quest Update
Posted on July 22nd, 2019

In the past two months I have completed full walkthroughs for two of the Dragon Quest games, Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest IX. This brings the total of Dragon Quest games I have guides for up to 3, since I also have a Full Walkthrough for Dragon Quest 8 as well.

Over the next few months I plan to do guides for one of the Ps1 Final Fantasy games and I may do guides for Borderlands 3 when it comes out too. I'm undecided but I want to start writing guides for new games. I won't be playing World of Warcraft Classic so I will have plenty of free time on my hands.

Anyone reading this looking for an Everquest update, I am going to "finish" my How to Play A Warrior Guide within the next week. Enough people complained to me that the guide seems in demand enough to complete. I hope to add more info to the other class guides too since I know some parts are left out of many of them.

Dragon Quest IV Full Walkthrough

Dragon Quest IX Full Walkthrough

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IRL AFK for a week
Posted on May 18th, 2019

           Just putting this notice here for anyone who donates in the next week and doesn't get an email from me for my EQ Farming Guide. I'm going to be on vacation from May 18th - 25th. I will be hiking the New Jersey portion of the Appalachian Trail.

           If you'd still like a copy of the guide please consider donating to my Patreon account which will give you access even while I am out on the trail. As always, thank you a ton for any and all donations!

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Boxing Guide Updates, Anniversary Guides & How to Play Class Guides
Posted on March 27th, 2019

           What a busy month! I have created a couple dozen new guides over the last month, most of them for Gnome Memorial Mountain and the EQ Anniversary Quests. You'll find links to all of these new guides below. The majority of them are finished but a few still need some minor edits.

EQ Anniversary Quest Walkthroughs
Orcwolf Mercy GMM Partisan
Clockwork Mercy GMM Partisan
Greatest Gnome Hunter GMM Partisan
The Darkness Howls GMM Mission
What's Cooking GMM Partisan
Furnace Fire GMM Partisan
At Its Core GMM Partisan
Ironing out the Legion GMM Mission (unfinished)
Unscheduled Repairs GMM Partisan
Judge By What's Inside GMM Partisan
Will finish the rest of GMM in a few days + finish editing these guides

           In addition to all of these guides I have also started a few more major guides which I am currently working full time on. These are some of my most requested guides I get and they're going to be incorporated into my Boxing Guides in the future. They're guides about how to play each class!

           I also have a guide that I am almost finished comparing Kissassist's DPS to the DPS you could do using the playstyle I talk about in my Boxing Guides. Within the next few days I will be posting another update on the front page of my website going into more detail about Kissassist's DPS and formally announcing the DPS Comparison guide.

Guide for Kissassist's DPS compared to Isboxer/controlling your characters

How to Play a Wizard Class Guide

How to Play a Warrior Class Guide

How to Play a Cleric Class Guide

How to Play a Mage Class Guide

How to Play an Enchanter Class Guide

           Since there is so much drama on Redguides surrounding Kissassist's DPS I am dedicating an entire website update to just that. Thankfully making a guide demonstrating that KA does less DPS than you could do gave me the opportunity to write all of these class guides and incorporate them into my Boxing Guides.

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Almar's Guides Botox Facelift
Posted on February 1st, 2019

           As I mentioned a few months ago, I have changed my Everquest Nav buttons to Retro ones. The Retro section of my website gets twice as many viewers as the Everquest one so the change I believe was necessary. All of the Everquest Guides can be accessed still, just as easily, by clicking on the Everquest button which is second on the nav bar. You may actually like the EQ page more considering the fact that you can use Ctrl + F to find whatever guide you want rather easily.

           I have also added a lot more details to the Ring of Scale Guides. Instead of just linking to the 300 - 350 Tradeskill Guides, I am now linking to a dozen different guides on how to raise your tradeskills too. Don't you assume I am done working on my EQ guides! I have actually done quite a few updates recently, here are just a few of them:

Earring of the Solstice Quest
GoD Progression (Guides are done up to Kod'Taz but I haven't written the index page)
RoS Frontier Mountains Guide
RoS Gates of Kor-Sha Guide
Conflagrant Gearing Guide
Goblins and Fools EoK HA Guide
Infiltration of Kor-Sha HA Guide
Mysteries of Kor-Sha HA Guide

           If you'd like to support my work and get access to my EQ Farming Guides consider donating to me on Patreon (last button on the new nav bar) or by sending me a paypal donation! Before I begin writing guides for Retro Games again, I will be doing many more EQ updates.

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Firiona Vie Giveaway
Posted on January 12th, 2018

           Brief update, I am currently doing a giveaway on the Firiona Vie server, I have 13 collection sets to give away. For the Official announcement I made a post on the Everquest Forums. I'm also currently adding more to the EQ Farming Guides, here is a sneak peek of the Plane of War guide I am working on for the Endgame guides & Farming Guides!

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Posted on December 18th, 2018

           An update for my Everquesters. I plan to purchase all the copies of The Burning Lands that I need for writing guides this week. I'm purchasing them on accounts with level 105 characters though which means I will need some time to power level all those characters before I can add TBL guides. Expect another very large EQ update around Feb of 2019.

           In the mean time, I will be adding more Ring of Scale Farming Locations to my Everquest Farming Guides. I'll also be revamping the level 110 section in my farming guides since there's a buttload of information for max level players now, which I believe should be separate from the 105 section.

           Those of you who didn't read the previous update, the EQ Farming Guides are made for TLP players as well as players on live. They're separated by level and start at the Omens of War expansion pack. All it takes for access to the guide is you donating via Paypal or on Patreon. For a Paypal donation, you can find the donate button on the right hand side of my website above Recent Updates.

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Everquest Farming Guides!
Posted on November 28th, 2018

           Not a large update, but an update none the less! I have added two new zones, Gorowyn and Sathir's Tomb to my Everquest Farming Guides and also updated the Howling Stones guide. My Everquest Farming Guides are currently behind a donation only paywall - you can donate as much as you want but technically just 1$ will get you full access to them. For more information follow the link provided.

           There are guides for TLP players too in my Farming Guides section; it covers all expansions from Omens of War to Ring of Scale and eventually I will write guides for Burning Lands too! That is the perfect segue into the next thing I wanted to talk about, Burning Lands!

           I'm fairly certain that during the month of December I am going to buy a dozen or so expansions and do Burning Lands while it is current expansion content. For the last few years I have lagged behind, a few people have even made fun of my website for only having guides for multiple expansions behind. I am going to make an effort to change this with this expansion.

           I don't plan to put all Burning Lands guides behind my donation only paywall, but I will put some of it behind it. If you're concerned about me getting money hungry, it's very unlikely. Almar's Guides has been free ever since 2009/2010 and the only money I make off it is from an occasional donation & advertisements. I always feel very awkward asking for donations and money since I am just not that type of person; I like earning what's given to me not begging for it!

           With that said, as always your donations are appreciated. Everyone who donates makes it possible for me to continue working on my website and writing guides.

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New Retro Guides
Posted on October 19th, 2018

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Guides
Monster Rancher 3 Guides
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Full Walkthrough

           Not a large update, just a few guides I have completed in the last month. Dragon Quest 8 still needs to be finished/edited but the other two are done. I plan to do another Everquest update by the end of the year and aside from that I will be working on my book and other website.

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Notice for Everquesters
Posted on October 13th, 2018

           Also in the next few months I am going to be updating my World of Warcraft classic guides to get them ready for the WoW Classic servers. I do not know if I will be playing WoW classic though, I haven't decided yet. If I do, I plan to box it.

           I'm also going to be redoing the nav bar on my website, Everquest players get used to using the Everquest button. Sometime in the next few months I am going to start removing the EQ expansions from the nav bar and placing retro consoles there. Basically the retro nav bar you see at the top right now will be the new nav bar on my site, with Everquest and WoW Classic getting their own buttons.

           There's a chance I may switch to Wordpress in the future too but that'll be awhile. The previous update yesterday I talked about a new website to launch with my book, I'm going to experiment a lot with Wordpress when I set that up - if I like it enough I will transition Almar's Guides off Cold Fusion. Cold Fusion costs literally like 4x more than regular hosting (apparently because it's a 'legacy' platform), it's silly.








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