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End of Month Contest/Start of June & EQ Updates!
Posted on May 7th, 2018

Arctic Wyvern Hide Gear (12 Recipes)
Black Panther Skin Gear (12 Recipes)
Haze Panther Skin Gear (12 Recipes)
Holgresh Fur Gear (3 Recipes)
Ice Silk Gear (12 Recipes)
Othmir Fur Gear (3 Recipes)
Tigeraptor Gear (12 Recipes)
Velium Hound Fur Gear (3 Recipes)
Cobalt Drake Hide Gear (12 Recipes)

           I've added a butt load of Velious Tradeskills updates, basically covering every route possible with that whole expansion. So, if any of you are P99ers you'll probably love all I have done with the Velious section. I think I am going to do LDoN next since you can Forage the items you need to make different armor sets during that expansion. PoP is going to take a butt load of time to do, just like Velious did.

           As for the contest with Redguides. That'll be happening at the end of this month. I am donating 10 kronos towards the pot and Redguides is too. So that means it'll be for 200$ (in kronos) at the very least. It happens a lot where different members of the website toss some of their kronos in too, so I wouldn't be surprised if the pot goes past 300$ and at least 10 - 15 people win something.

           To say it again, there'll be no purchase neccessary to participate in the contest. All you have to do is sign up. The reason I am doing it is because Redguides is going 'legit' next month and moving away from the cheating image they once had. I've also been releasing a lot of Kissassist INI files (it's one of the macros Redguides distributes) for all different classes 1 - 65. Hopefully I will finish it for all classes by the start of Summer!

           Wanna try a free month of MQ2? Read the full update by following the link below!

Wanna post a comment or join in the discussion for this update? If so follow the link provided!

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Multiple Updates!
Posted on April 20th, 2018

To read this entire update or post a comment/join the discussion head over to my April 20th 2018 Update page.

           If you're a fan of my Introspection Podcast I released a new episode which you can find on Youtube. I've also decided that next month I am going to do a contest with Redguides, I haven't talked about the specifics with Redbot yet but it's definitely going to be happening we just need a set in stone start date. (read more about what I have to say about this contest in the full update)

           The last thing I wanted to mention today is what's shown in the screen shot above. This is a single years growth to my Retro section; from when I started the section (about December 2016) until today. As you can see, it's been growing rapidly and there is a LOT of demand for codes and guides for Retro Video Games. The reason I am bringing this up is because I think I am onto something and I would like to hire someone to help me. I'm willing to pay some money out of pocket but I also would like to increase the amount of support I get from viewers like you guys.

           I received great feedback earlier this month when I posted my Patreon page and I would like to integrate this directly into my business. I'm shooting for 100$/mo which would be 1$ from 5% of my viewers a month. A little bit more than my previous update but for good reason... Here is what I plan to do for supporters in the upcoming months:

1. Contest on RedGuides
2. At least 1 more PUBLIC contest in 2018 (may be my Christmas give away that I do every year)
3. Exclusive content (Ring of Scale Farming Guide)
4. Monthly Keys for Steam Games (Giveaway) (At 100$/mo in support on Patreon)

           There's a bit more too I would like to do in the future (I may incorporate a private Discord for contributors) but I think this is a great starting point.

Want to post a comment for me or discuss this update? Head on over to a specific page made just for this update where you can leave a comment for me or join the discussion!

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Clean Your Damn Room!
Posted on April 13th, 2018

           Normally I don't do updates so close together, but this one is special. I have released Episode 2 of The Introspection Podcast. This episode talks about Jordan Peterson and his book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote for Chaos. I highly recommend you buy this book, it's on the Amazon's Best Seller's list right now and is one of the best books I have ever read in my life. The book is about Psychology and as the title suggests, it offers you 12 different "Rules for Life" which if you'd like to read more about the rules themselves click here.

           My video talks about Rule #6, Set your House in Perfect Order before criticizing the world. I decided to start with this rule since I am basically criticizing the world by making this video so I felt it neccessary to explain my motives, a bit about myself and why I decided to do this video series. I hope to do a video for each of the other 11 Rules that he has in this book and break them down in a way similarly to what I did in the video above. I've already almost finished typing the script for Rule #7 since that's the Rule that has the most meaning (for me personally).

           For a lack of better words, the book is mostly a 'self help' type of book and it'll appeal to an audience that doesn't have their shit together.... but it's not written in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable about it being 'self help'. It's difficult to explain but after you read it (or listen to one of his many different talks online) you'll probably feel like cleaning your room or getting your shit together... Maybe even being a better person. You might already know a bit about this book, or Jordan himself if you've been following popular internet culture recently as... He's become quite a sensation. You may have seen the Channel 4 News Video with him in it. That interview has spawned dozens of memes and other internet jokes.

           Anyway, I feel very passionately about the subject of Psychology and the main reason I love this book so much is because it makes some of the most important Psychology (imo), that we all could benefit from learning, accessible to EVERYONE. My only critique of this book at all is the fact that there's too much religious mumbo jumbo in it.... Which is why I am making videos for each "Rule for Life". I believe (arrogantly enough I guess) that I can distill each Rule for Life and explain what it means without any religious examples. You can be the judge on if I did a good job or not via the video above.

           The last thing I will say for this update is... I have gotten a few donations since my last update as well as a few Patreon Supporters!! Thank you so much to anyone who has given me a donation. I think this year I am going to start doing give aways of a sort and I may have the first few of them open to the public and the rest of them for Patreon Supporters only. I haven't fully decided yet, but I am definitely going to try and start doing something special for the people who support me on Patreon as well as through one time Paypal donations -- which makes right now the best time to pledge some support to me on Patreon - even just a dollar will give you access to everything. Without my supporters I wouldn't have nearly enough time to work on my website and all of this content. Thank you.


Want to post a comment or discuss this update? Head on over to a specific page for just this update where you can leave a comment for me or start a discussion with others.

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The Future of Everquest Guides
Posted on April 3rd, 2018

           It's been about 2 months since I have begun working on my Everquest Guides and I have gotten so much done. As of now I have basically revamped all my Tradeskill Guides Classic - Velious and added my own personal vendor lists with map locations as well as instructions on how to make any subcombines and I have even included Farming Guides for the items you need to farm. I've also spent weeks researching and creating guides Tradeskill Guides for each expansion pack in Everquest.

           Each of my Navigation pages for EQ have almost entirely completed Tradeskill Guides and there is still a bit more I want to do/add before I am willing to say that they're all done and finished. The reason I am making this site update is because I would like to request some donations. Instead of doing a premium service for Almar's Guides like EQ resource and Allakhazam I created a Patreon for my website last year. No one has pledged even a dollar yet so I can't really see how that platform works - but I see a lot of people using it and I would like to test it out. You can also donate directly to me using the Paypal button on my website, on the right hand side.

           I've also decided to do something a bit new for donators too. EQ Resource has a page dedicated to everyone who supports their website and I would like to do the same - just different. When you donate to me I am willing to put a link to your website or a mention of your ingame character name on my Supporter's Page... Whatever you want so long as it's not something that I could get in trouble for or something I don't feel comfortable endorsing (A sketchy website with intrusive ads would be an example).

           Maybe you're an aspiring Youtuber or Twitch streamer; whatever it may be this will be my way of saying thank you for supporting the website. I'll likely leave the entries on that page forever and you can find the Supporter's page at the bottom of every single page on my website, just follow the Supporter's link.

           In addition to all of this, I am probably going to release my Ring of Scale Farming Guides later this year but I will only give the links out to people who donate for the first few months after the guides are finished. I'm predicting that I will write the RoS Farming Guides sometime around Summer and they're going to be packed with information for players of all levels and locations for people who box as well as don't box. I have quite a few ideas in mind but I am trying to finish my Tradeskill Guides and edit my Retro ones before I bite off even more than I can chew. ((Anyone who donates prior to the time I finish them WILL get a copy of them once they are finished, I will keep everyone's email written down so I don't forget anyone. Then I'll send out emails when it comes time and the guide is finished)).


           The reason I am asking you all for some donations is because the amount of work that I have left with my Everquest Guides is going to cut into the time I have for other projects in my life. I have already spent two months of my time revamping my Leveling/Farming/Tradeskill Guides to make them more accurate for all future TLPs and there's still so much more that I can do and actually want to do.... The problem is though, I have to worry about money to some extent. I can't spend as much time as I have been writing EQ guides otherwise it's going to start costing me money to do so because I am giving up other opportunities and projects to work on EQ.

           I'm not expecting much, 35 - 50$ a month to my Patreon (or just personally donated to me) would likely keep me working on my EQ guides as much as I have been until Summer/Fall. That would equal out to be probably about .50c an hour of work... Which obviously isn't going to put food on the table for me but considering I enjoy writing these guides and they'll be online forever generating ad revenue for me, I consider that amount fair. I get 5,000 pageviews a day and about 2,000 unique visitors to my /eq/ section. Only about 2% of you would need to give 1$ a month in order to meet this expectation.


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Everquest Tradeskill Extravaganza
Posted on March 22nd 2018

           As many of you have noticed over the last few weeks I have been doing massive updates to my Tradeskill guides. This all started with 350 Tradeskill guides and has evolved into me finally deciding to finish Tradeskill Guides for every expansion... That's right... I am planning to do Tradeskill Guides for every expansion -- and I will be keeping my word!

Continue reading the March update for my website & join in on the discussion or post a comment for me!

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Everquest Boxing Guides!!
Posted on January 28th 2018

           I've been asked a lot over the past few years to do Boxing Guides for Everquest. It never really felt like the right time though due to the atmosphere that surrounds boxing in the game. After very much thought and consideration I have decided to publish an entire series on three different styles of boxing. I have guides for Alt tab boxing, Isboxer boxing and Macroquest2 boxing.

           This also means I am taking a more or less official stance on Macroquest 2 as well. I'm tired of the mistreatment that I see in game by other players towards people that use Macroquest 2 (usually easy to tell with anyone who boxes melee characters). I get it if unattended play pisses you off, that's a different matter entirely. But training a player because he uses MQ2? You're persecuting them because they don't agree with your ideology. You're no better than the Social Justice Warriors and Politically Correct people you hear about on college campuses these days.

           I don't see the mistreatment stopping if people who continue to use MQ2 hide in the shadows. I've unveiled myself and admitted it - now it's your turn. Tell your friends, share it with your guildies and if they decide to cut ties with you - maybe they weren't such good friends or guildies to begin with. If you're reading this and a hater, then by all means throw feces at me... I got a comments section just for you below.

           Those of you who are reading this and aren't a hater but are actually interested in my words and what we can accomplish as a community of boxers, come join us at Redguides. Usually people are willing to give new members a month free via the currency Redcents. It's an extremely welcoming place where we exchange ideas and form friendships over the two things we love, Everquest and Boxing!

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Massive EQ Updates to Leveling!!
Posted on December 21st 2017

EQ Leveling Guides

           As promised I have been diligently working to push out Everquest updates for everyone over the past month. It's been a lot of work but things are moving rather quickly. You may have noticed if you've visited the /eq/leveling page it's been completely changed into what's shown above.

           I actually do have a Ring of Scale leveling guide basically entirely complete atm but I haven't added an RoS button yet or updated the EoK one because I would like to release the leveling guide officially once I get more guides for that expansion pack.

           Right now I am working on making all of the locations displayed in my leveling guides as accurate and up to date as possible. Over the past week I have been adding in meticulous details to each location to really set these new guides apart from my older ones. To give you an idea of what I mean - most of my guides have mini guides which describe how to reach that location... Take this 'How to reach Old Sebilis' guide as an example.

           In addition to that I have added a significant amount of detail to many different leveling locations which really make them more of a zone guide than a leveling guide! If you'd like a few examples check out my Kunark Old Sebilis Guide, Classic EQ Lower Guk, OoW Wall of Slaughter and OoW Riftseeker's Sanctum also both got a total make over.

           I'm adding details like this to each zone that I know well enough to do so. It's a TON of work but I believe that people will really enjoy these guides and use them for more than just leveling once I am through with making them.

           The last big announcement I have to make is I have decided once I am done with my leveling guides I am going to fully update my Tradeskill guides for each and every expansion pack as well. This will be a massive undertaking though - one I am just not sure I can even finish. Well, I know I can finish everything except EoK/RoS tradeskill guides... which are the ones I would like to write the most!

Continue reading for more of my December Announcements & to join in on the discussion or post a comment for me!








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