Stone Hive - TSS Leveling Guide

Stone Hive Outside Area

The Stone Hive is one of the few different zones added in The Serpent's Spine expansion pack which covers the 30 - 50 level range. This zone is easily broken up into the area outside the Bixie fortress and the area inside the bixie fortress. As you can see from the map above, we're going to be starting with the outside area.

In the eastern portion of Stone Hive you'll find a hedge maze, which is the lowest level portion of the entire zone. Inside the hedge maze you'll find enemies between 30 - 33; only the named enemies are higher level than that and if you happen to spawn one of them they can easily be avoided.

Slightly west of the hedge maze in the wide open field outside the Bixie fortress you'll find enemies which are between the levels 32 - 34. You will want to stay at either one of these locations until 35 - 37 at which point you'll be in a better position to handle the inside of the fortress. If you're without a group it's recommended you don't go into the fortress at all, you'll likely get spanked if you do. Unless you're twinked out the ying yang of course.


Nameds Outside Stone Hive Bixie Fortress:

Fleurmielle: Jade Scimitar of Turina, Mantle of Emerald Poison

Wasp Infiltrator: Forged Maul of Bixie Bashing, Shoulderguard of the Swarmer

Botanist Lyxia: Girdle of Defoliation, Spiked Buckler of Defoliation

Enchanted Shubbery: Girdle of Foreboding Heart, Reinforced Stone Hive Compound Bow

Manic Mushroom: Laced Bixie Veil, Royal Ruby Orb of the Hive


Stone Hive Bixie Fortress First Floor

Inside the Bixie Fortress on the first and second floors you'll find a ton of enemies all spaced out too for you to hunt. The most you'll usually get with a pull is two at a time, the stairwell and some doorways have two bixies guarding them. If you hunt around the outer edge of the first floor (meaning not in the central room) almost every enemy will be by themselves though.

From the first floor of the Bixie Fortress you can take an elevator down to the basement; or from the second floor of the fortress you can take an elevator up to the third floor. The basement area has enemies between the levels 34 - 36 which is the same level as the enemies on the first floor of the fortress. If you go up to the third floor, you'll find that the enemies jump up a bit in level.

Names on First Floor of Bixie Fortress:

Servant Rexi: Barbed Stone Hive Defender's Necklace, Stormy Shroud of Deceit

Honeytender Jozy: Hive Worker's Leather Gloves, Hive Worker's Leather Wristguard


Stone Hive Bixie Fortress Basement

Above is a map of the basement floor of Stone Hive. As aforementioned earlier in the guide, the enemies here are the same level as on the first floor of the Bixie Fortress. The Halflings deeper in are a bit higher level and will help you close the gap in levels before you move to the third floor, which is featured below.

So, as you can see on the map above there's three passage ways and each of them has a named enemy in the back of them. About half way through each passage the type of enemy you're fighting changes from bixies to killer halflings and sometimes skeletons.

The hallways generally have single enemies roaming through them but when you get closer to the rooms at the end of each you'll find that two or three enemies come with each pull. If you can't handle that, avoid those rooms!

Nameds in Stone Hive Basement:

Jum the Mad: Hive Defender's Plate Armguards

Suitor Drezia: Hive Poisonmaker's Chain Wristguard, Hive Poisonmaker's Coif

Fum the Mad: Hive Defender's Plate Armguards, Hive Defender's Plate Wristguard


Stone Hive Bixie Fortress Third FloorStone Hive Bixie Fortress Top Floor

Picture on the left: Third Floor
Picture on the right: Fourth Floor

Unless you have a group, I don't recommend you head up to the third floor of the Bixie Fortress until you're at least level 40. A lot of enemies roam around up here and while it's pretty easy to get single pulls, it's definitely not uncommon to have another Bixie run into you while you're fighting.

The two rooms on the third floor should be avoided unless you have a group. Inside each of these rooms you'll find pulls of two Bixies each at minimum. Sometimes they'll be a pull of four or five Bixies which even for a group could be challenging! Soloers/Duoers stick to the area on the map where you find Poisonmaker Maliza. This area is almost all singles roaming around.

As for the fourth and final floor of this area, it works the same way as the floor below it. The two rooms up here have pulls of four or five Bixie enemies each. Queen Pelzia, in the northern most room, is 10 levels above all the regular Bixies in this area - meaning she'll pose a real challenge if you go in there under prepared.

On the top floor the only place you'll find single pulls is throughout the hallway that connects to the two rooms to the elevator. Typically there's three or four different Bixie enemies between the levels 40 - 42 that roam these halls.


Stone Hive Upper Floor Nameds:

Poisonmaker Maliza: Hive Overseer's Silk Boots, Hive Overseer's Silk Wristguard

Harvester Velza: Hive Defender's Orb of Stinging Fury (Aug), Orb of Forgiveness

Slavemistress Hizja: Hive Defender's Woven Belt, Orb of Flowing Pollen (Aug)

Arcanist Moxia: Hive Worker's Orb of Health (Aug), Shroud of Greater Transmutation

a bixie poisonbrewer: Carnage Cloak (Drops from multiple bixies in the zone)

Juzzulli: Carnage Cloak (Drops from multiple bixies in the zone)


Advisor Vaxa: Hive Poisonmaker's Cuirass, Scourge of Dismemberment

Queen Pelzia: Pelzia's Golden Bauble, Ring of the Bixie Queen, Royal Mantle of Stone Hive

Wing Commander Drixi: Crippling Mace of Divinity, Hive Defender's Legplates


Additional Information

- You can find the zone line to Stone Hive in the eastern portion of Blightfire Moors.

Stone Hive Allakhazam Zone Information