Dreadlands - Kunark Leveling Guide

Dreadlands Farming Locations

Dreadlands is one massive zone and the picture of the map above doesn't show the entire zone, just the eastern half. The best place for players to hunt in their low to mid 30s is around the 1 on my map above. Here you can safely pull any enemy you want from the yard to a safe place to kill.

There are Cockatrices, drolvarg, spiders, mountain giants and yetis. The spiders are casters which make them a bit more annoying for kiters but on the upside if you've got a melee with you, you'll whoop their butts! The rest of the enemies are great for kiters since none of them cast. Additionally basically every enemy you kill in this zone drops some raw plat.

Once you get a bit higher level (or if you just wanna start taking some risks) you can move a little bit more south or north and start pulling from any of the locations marked 2 on my map. There will be mostly spiders around these areas but you'll occasionally find some higher level enemies wandering around too.



Additional Zone Information

- You can bind in this zone and it's safe to bind on the back end of Karnor's Castle

- Druids and Wizards can port here which makes it great for those classes to solo here

- Aside from ports you can enter the Dreadlands from Burning Woods, Frontier Mountains or Firiona Vie

Dreadlands Allakhazam Zone Information

Dreadlands P99 Zone Information