The Steppes - TSS Leveling Guide

The Steppes is a big jump in difficulty in comparison to Goru'kar Mesa; Goru'kar still retains the noobish innocence of TSS but The Steppes shoves some difficulty right down your throat. Down south you'll find a large camp of Stonemight Goblins around the ruins, this is a good location for boxers with plenty of nameds. To the east of the Goblins in the caves are a bunch of spiders.

There's only a single named in the spider caves, but this location has plenty of single pulls which makes it great for soloers. Further north of the goblins you'll find a ton of animals and elementals, spaced out enough to make soloing them easy. Further up north you'll bump into a few named animal enemies, Midnight and Nanertak.


Firebelly the Cook: Firebelly's Unclean Cleaver, Gravelskin Gloves

Littlebiter the Skinchanger: Evergleam Sleeves, Wirewick Mantle

Skurl: Darkfell Bow, Wirewick Cap

Tarbelly the Wanderer: Portal Scrap (Aug), Tarnished Nose Ring

Splotchy: Dark Whisper, Smash

Deathfang (Spider): Gravelskin Boots, Gravelskin Tunic

Hesmire Farflight (Centaur): Wirewick Leggings, Wirewick Sleeves + Boot Armor Patterns

Midnight (Panther): Evergleam Coif, Evergleam Leggings + Arm Armor Patterns

Nanertak (Bear): Warbound Breastplate, Warbound Gauntlets


Northern Steppes is split into two different areas; northeast is filled with gnolls and has many different named enemies throughout. The gnolls are a bit difficult to solo since this area is pretty congested and the pathing isn't the best. Getting pulls of less than 3 enemies at a time can be tedious and uncommon.

In the northwestern side you'll find a butt load of hill giants which are spread out much more than the gnoll enemies on the other side of the zone. These guys are best handeled by smaller groups or really well geared soloers/duoers. Both the hill giants and gnolls drop a lot of plat per kill and drop a decent amount of Rk. II spells which you can vendor for a couple hundred plat each.


Gnoll Nameds:

Hunter Groppa: Bloodspear, Coiled Serpentskin Belt

Chef Gudez: Entropic Cleaver, Spirit Mantle, Veil of Summer + Sleeve Armor Patterns

Hunter Borty: Granite Blade of War, Spotted Cape

High Shaman Firglum: Mammoth Tusk Flute, Wirewick Cape

Darkfell Chieftan Gliffy: Entropic Cleaver



Hill Giant Nameds:

Oldbones: Oldbone Skull, Wirewick Belt

Gruntor the Mad: Barking Stone, Starshine


Additional Information

- Druids can port to The Steppes, if you can't find a portal here the second fastest way is to take the Guild Hall to Goru'kar Mesa and then run north to The Steppes.

The Steppes Allakhazam Zone Information