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Stoneroot Falls - Depths of Darkhollow Guide

Stoneroot Falls Northeastern

Stoneroot Falls is a pretty complicated zone; if you read this entire guide you'll understand what I mean by the word in this context. If you're soloing or duoing there aren't many options available to you, the northern area where you zone in from Undershore is sparsly populated if you're on the ground level and will offer some options for you.

The walkways which go from pillar to pillar above are all densly populated with enemies, it's unlikely to get them as single pulls. Due to this, I would only recommend this area to smaller groups, maybe some boxers too if you can tolerate the tight walkways and your characters occasionally (maybe) falling off.

Believe it or not the location you see the two nameds at the top of the map is one of the least populated areas. Even an average group should be able to handle this camp without much issue so long as they have CC for the larger pulls.

To the west, the large blue circle is where you'll find the most enemies. It'll probably be too much for any group to handle at this point in the game so I would recommend you avoid the area.

Zoriles the Champion: Blade of the Night Sky, Bloodthirsty Drachnid Leash, Drachnid Fingerbone Necklace + Shadowspine Runes

Slave Driver Skeliz: Dreadful Mask, Muddy Shawl, Undercoral Mask + Shadowspine Runes


Stoneroot Falls Western End

The area above is a massive cluster #$%^ of enemies. Especially around the central part of the area where you see Throatripper, The Shadow Guardian and Squeakers. Be very careful with your movements and bring CC or you'll be asking for trouble.

All the nameds along the southern part are Deep Orcs and you should expect their camps to contain quite a few mobs each too. If you're not careful you can accidentally pull the whole camp at once! The same goes for Commander Omeg up north, he's a Deep Orc whose ontop of the pillar.

Captain Klegor: Basilisk Hunter Earring, Glowing Fish Scale + Shadowspine Runes

Krage the Lake Champion: Symbiotic Larva, Understone Band, Wurine-Hide Cloak + Shadowspine Runes

Commander Olag: Dull Stoneroot Belt, Korlach Larva Heart (Aug) + Shadowspine Runes

General Greglon: Gloomy Mask + Shadowspine Runes

Commander Omeg: Gloomy Mask, Stoneroot Coral Hammer + Shadowspine Runes

Throatripper: Reef Shield, Reflecting Pearl + Shadowspine Runes

The Shadow Guardian: Chaotic Korlach Mangler, Ragepaw Chain Vest, Ragepaw Ring + Shadowspine Runes

Squeakers: Clammy Undershore Cord, Shadowmane Matriarch Belt + Shadowspine Runes


Stoneroot Falls Southern

The large yellow box on the right hand side of the map above is a good location for soloers/duoers or smaller groups. The enemies here are all pretty spaced out and can be picked off/defeated. You can also move closer to the city of drachnids (west) and fight the Drachnids which are along the outer wall. There's some singles and packs of two and sometimes three. Large packs, like three, are uncommon though out here.

Once you're inside the Drachnid city, you should expect more enemies per each pull - especially if you go into the buildings. Normally outside the buildings you'll find one or two roaming around but once you go inside the buildings you'll bump into four or five that'll agro you all at once. Things can get really hairy then if you're not prepared.

Stonebite: Angler Scale Shoulders, Broken Clockwork Bow, Shiliskin Fisherman Trident + Shadowspine Runes

The Drained Shiliskin Captain: Eerie Wurine Hoop, Ragepaw Necklace + Shadowspine Runes

Warlock Therigal: Forsaken Shiliskin Cloak + Shadowspine Runes

The Drachnid Champion: Shadowspine Runes

Reknid the Tower Watcher: Dark Lake Earring, Deep Current Lute, Earring of Sage Advice + Shadowspine Runes

Drillak the Slayer: Korlach Summoner's Wand, Muddy Shawl + Shadowspine Runes


Additional Information

- The fastest way to reach Stoneroot Falls is by taking the Guild Hall portal to Undershore and traveling northwest. For more information on How to Reach Stoneroot Falls follow the link provided to be taken to my guide explaining more.

Stoneroot Falls Allakhazam Zone Information