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Neriak Fourth Gate Leveling Locations

The Call of the Forsaken expansion pack didn't add many places to hunt outside of Heroic Adventures - Neriak Fourth Gate happens to be one of the few exceptions to that. This zone has a few decent hunting locations which aren't hidden inside instances that I am going to go into some detail about.

On the map above the large green circle in the center of the zone is home to a bunch of relatively weak enemies. The Bats, Beetles and other animals here are all relatively weak - just con the enemy before you attack if you're new here or unsure. Avoid the Dark Elves if you can't handle a regular enemy.

Next up the light blue circle at the top of the map. This is my favorite camp of the entire zone and it's basically split into two parts: the outside area and the area that's inside the large building. The outside area is great for smaller groups and boxers. There's one named enemy in the back, Ryzok D`Tol`s Remains but he doesn't really drop anything all that great.

Surrounding the building all of the enemies are spaced out enough to where you have basically unlimited single pulls. A majority of the enemies are also undead which may be useful information for you if you're a Paladin. I usually pick a spot to camp around the outer wall and just pull to it.

If you go inside the building though it's a whole different animal. The hallway leading into the first room as well as the first room are all basically fairly easy however if you try to pull any more of this building you'll quickly discover how terrible the pathing here is. Basically you can't pull any of the mobs out of their rooms let alone out of the building without expecting to agro the entire room and every single mob in sight.

That's why I primarily recommend you hunt outside this large building and only go inside if you've got a full group or are absolutely sure you can handle things. One misstep will spell your demise. This location will also drop Dark Elf Ornaments which can net you a pretty penny in The Bazaar depending on your server.

Inside the large building you'll find the following named enemies:

Dread Lord Javis Tolax: Neriak Dreadguard Cape

Arch Lich Lyra D`Croix: Arch Lich Sorcerer's Cloak, Lich's Wrap

Archon Kela G`Noir: Archon's Cloak of the Umbra, Innoruuk's Cloak of Hatred
Located on the second floor.

Finally the last location I want to talk about in Neriak Fourth Gate is marked with two purplish squares in the bottom right of the map above. This location has a mixture of animals and dark elves but the animals this time are regular enemies and not relatively weak.

They're pretty spread out which makes for easy single pulls and you can find a few different safe spots to camp around the walls of the area. The best named of this location, Mass of Spite is found at the southern or northern end of the bridge, his placeholder is "a stonetalon". The reason for the spotlight on him is he drops the non prestige Enhanced Minion XV earring.

Mass of Spite: Encrusted Spike Stud, Ethernere Stone Earring

Violet, Soul Drinker: Bat Tooth Earring, Soul Drinker Stud

That's really all there is to Neriak Fourth Gate! You'll find the pathing blows inside many of the buildings of this zone but over all the EXP here aint too shabby. This zone also makes a decent combo location for both EXP and money because of the Dark Elf Ornaments that you can find throughout the zone.



Additional Information

- You can reach Neriak the Fourth Gate by traveling through the Classic Neriak zones; follow my How to Get to Neriak Fourth Gate Guide for more information. After you arrive in this zone be sure to take the portal back to West Karana to attune yourself to this zone and allow for future fast travel here.

- All of the Dark Elf enemies in Neriak Fourth Gate drop Dark Elf Ornaments which can be sold in The Bazaar depending on your server.

- There are four sets of collectibles in this zone that you can find belonging to The Darklight Palace Achievement.

- The zone wide rare that drops off named enemies in this CoTF zone is Tome of Manipulation. It increases a player's Specialize Alteration skill by 15%.

- There are rare items unique to Call of the Forsaken called chase items. For an Advloot list of all these chase items that you can use on your own characters head over to my CoTF Advloot Chase Item List page and copy and paste it into your own LF_AN file. More info about how to do that is found on this page.

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