Tempest Temple - TDS Leveling Guide

Tempest Temple Leveling Locations

Tempest Temple is the second Tier 1 TDS zone. This zone requires no flagging to enter and you can reach it by taking the portal device in Katta Castrum: Deluge. You'll find some of the weakest enemies in the entire TDS expansion throughout the southern portion of this zone.

Before I start talking about each location let me say that this zone drops non prestige gear. That means it will always be more valuable than the prestige stuff dropped in later zones because Free to Play players can only use non prestige gear. The zonewide rare that drops from nameds in this TDS zone is Violet Conch of the Tempest.

In the southern portion of the zone inside the large green circle I have on my map you'll find a bunch of relatively weak crabs lining the shore. These will be the best things for you to hunt if you're solo and unable to handle one of the regular enemies in the zone. If you kill the regrua enemies in the area you'll have a chance of spawning Strangacul.

The next location is my favorite in the whole zone - in the southwestern part of the map where you see my blue circle is where you'll want to make camp. From this location you'll be able to pull a ton of goblins which are spaced out in single pulls throughout the waters.

This is probably the best camp Tier 1 TDS can offer you in terms of field killing. If you clear enough goblins to reach the named place holders in the back of this area you'll also have a chance of spawning Scalithid the Deepwalker. You'll need a pretty good group to handle the whole camp + place holders/named!

Strangacul: Fused Coral Bow, Chitin Stud

Scalithid the Deepwater: Deepwalker Carapace Spaulders, Living Anemone Mask

Along with all of the items mentioned for each of these named enemies; they also have a chance of dropping.. Minor, Median, Lesser, Greater, Glowing Briny Essences. These items are the Rank 2 Spell Runes of The Darkened Sea expansion pack. Ontop of these items the nameds you find will also drop Castaway Armor.


Additional Information

- You can reach Tempest Temple by traveling through Katta Castrum: Deluge. For more information on How to Get to Tempest Temple head on over to that guide.

- There are four sets of collectibles in this zone that you can find belonging to the Riding the Storms Achievement.

- Violet Conch of the Tempest is the zone wide rare item that drops from named enemies here.

- There are rare items unique to The Darkened Sea called chase items. For an Advloot list of all these chase items that you can use on your own characters head over to my TDS Advloot Chase Item List page and copy and paste it into your own LF_AN file. More info about how to do that is found on this page.

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