Chardok - EoK Leveling Guide

 This page is for the revamped version of Chardok which was added into the game during the Empires of Kunark expansion pack. For the regular Chardok which is part of the Ruins of Kunark expansion pack follow the link provided. As for this page, Chardok is such a big zone with so many different camps, I have only included the few camps that stood out to me as exceptional.

First up, one of my favorites is the kennel area in northern Chardok. This camp has a possibility of three different named spawns, Kennel Master Al`ele, Deathfang and Dry Rot. It may be too much to handle for groups that are ungeared or under leveled but if you're able to handle this spot you'll be seeing a ton of nameds! Too bad the EoK spell runes aren't worth much at all =(

There's two spots which are good to camp at up here, the first and my least favorite is the hallway connected to the building. The second location is the hallway to the north that's connected to the caves. The southern camp location is 100% safe while the northern camp location has 1 roamer (a mushroom).

Despite being safe, the southern camp has a major downside which is sometimes the enemies run in the opposite direction while being pulled through this hallway. You've probably seen enemies do something stupid like this before in other areas where the pathing is bad. If this happens to you, it could result in multiple adds with your pull. If you do choose to camp here it's recommended you remember to always keep a campfire down incase this does happen.


Kennel Master Al`ele: Chokidai Eye (Aug), Petrified Chokidai Bone Claws, Amorphous Armor + EoK Spell Runes

Deathfang: Deathfang Vision, Amorphous Armor + EoK Spell Runes

Dry Rot: Rotting Drop of Dusk, Amorphous Armor + EoK Spell Runes


Out of all the camps in Chardok, this is my least favorite one. I think this camp sucks but sadly, the drops here make it a required camp. The sarnak in this area drop an item called Imperial Ore which is used in the EoK Partisan quest Methods of Sarnak Destruction. You need two of these to complete this quest and this quest gives you the AA Essence of the Dragon which makes you immune to the Kar`zok enemies nasty dots.... Which means many people end up doing this partisan just for this buff, thus, making this ore valuable for many years to come.

The two named enemies that you will find at this camp are Crackjaw (beetle) and Overseer Dal`guur who many of you may remember from the original Chardok during Kunark. All in all these nameds aren't that difficult - the real serious pain in the ass with this camp involves the light blue miners that cover the area.

Enemies like the "a slain froglok miner" see through invis and hit as hard as regular enemies in this area. They also can't be pulled far away (kind of a bonus I guess?) and instantly repop when defeated. You're going to agro these guys all the time while pulling and it'll be extremely annoying. Almost as annoying as the Chokidai enemies which fade you immediately when you pull them, forcing you to attack them twice.

Crackjaw: Crackjaw Cinch, Amorphous Armor + EoK Spell Runes

Overseer Dal`guur: Dal`guur Velvet Wrap, Amorphous Armor + EoK Spell Runes


Prince's room is one of the harder camps in Chardok since it has 3 named enemies in it and higher level enemies than the other parts of the zone. The spot I like to camp when I come here is right in the middle of the room since I dislike fighting in the hallways of this zone, they're too compact.

If you choose to camp right in the middle of the room you'll have to watch out for enemies respawning on you while you're fighting. That'll be your biggest threat along with getting back to back named spawns and not having your Cooldowns up.


Selrach's Regent: Prince's Rainment, Amorphous Armor + EoK Spell Runes

Queen Velazul's Aide: Queen's Toy, Amorphous Armor + EoK Spell Runes

Grand Advisor Zum`uul: Advisor's Guide, Amorphous Armor + EoK Spell Runes


Last but not least another good camp in this zone is right in the Queen's room at the southern most portion of the zone. This is the hardest camp in the entire zone and it's better for EXP than it is loot since there aren't many nameds that can spawn here. A tip, prior to coming here make sure the Queen isn't spawned in the Princee's room. Since she can't spawn in two places at once you'll never get her to spawn here if she's already up there.

As with the Prince's room the best spot to camp is usually inside of the room itself. Unlike the Prince's room, this hallway is pretty safe with only a single roamer (I think).


Selrach's Regent: Prince's Rainment, Amorphous Armor + EoK Spell Runes

Queen Velazul's Aide: Queen's Toy, Amorphous Armor + EoK Spell Runes



Additional Information

Pickzone Threshold: 35 Players?

- This page is for the EoK version of Chardok. If you're looking for the RoK Chardok (RoK Chardok for Live Servers) follow the link provided to be taken to that guide instead.

- In order to get to Chardok you'll need to travel through Scorched Woods. For more information on How to Get to Chardok (EoK) head on over to that page.

- There are four sets of collectibles that you can find in this zone belonging to the achievement Di`zok Keepsakes.

- There are rare items unique to Empires of Kunark and Ring of Scale zones called chase items. For an Advloot list of all these chase items that you can use on your own characters head over to my EoK Advloot Chase Item List page and copy and paste it into your own LF_AN file. More info about how to do that is found on this page.



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