Dawnshroud Peaks - Luclin Leveling Guide

Dawnshroud Peaks Map

Dawnshroud Peaks is one of the more 'upbeat' zones of Luclin that's good for players 30 - 45. You can actually come here as low as the late 20s and farm the fungus spawns around the Netherbian Lair zone line but I would recommend you do Marus Seru or some other zone until 30.

Once you're level 30 (if you're solo) your main targets are going to be basically every enemy that patrols around the northern field. If you're with a group it's worth while to setup camp around the northeastern most tunnel. This tunnel is actually what makes this zone so popular since (sometimes) Rockhoppers are here and they drop valuable pelts.

Basically how this tunnels works is as follows, inside of the northeastern most room there's an enemy that will trigger the tunnel to switch back and forth between Rockhoppers and Sambata enemies. As long as you don't kill the trigger mob the tunnel will never change back and forth.

The Sambata and Rockhoppers are all 35 - 40 and each type of enemy has unique loot tables as well as other other unique drops.

Sambata Loot Table: Block of Acrylia Ore, Large Brick of Acrylia Ore, Small Brick of Acrylia Ore, Polished Steel Ulak, Heavy Iron Ulak

Rockhopper Loot Table: Flawless Rockhopper Hide, High Quality Rockhopper Hide, Superb Rockhopper Hide, Low Quality Rockhopper Hide, Medium Rockhopper Hide, Wooden Hilted Ulak

Once you get into the 40s the EXP at this location will really start to drop off. I would recommend you and your group move south to the Grieg's End or Maiden's Eye zone lines. Here is a good location for you to pull sambata enemies and any other roamers you find to. If you have an "oh crap" moment the zone line is right there for you to take!


Additional Zone Information

- As you can see from the map above there are multiple ways for you to reach Dawnshroud Peaks. The most common way is a Wizard/Druid portal otherwise you'll need to run from The Nexus.

Dawnshroud Peaks Allakhazam Zone Information