The Hole - Classic Leveling Guide

The Hole Northern Map Locations

The majority of the location shown on the map above is the easiest place you can hunt in the Ruins of Old Paineel. The entire pathway leading from the entrance down into the large open room will have elementals which are much lower in level than the rest of the zone. This location is good for players 30 - 40.

Once you get a wee bit further into The Hole though things start ramping up more and more in difficulty. The huge room you see on the map above is called the Castle camp which is great for players 45+. You have tons of enemies to pull and a good bit of them come as single pulls!

If you go deep enough down into The Castle camp you'll find The Jail which has an extremely difficult named to kill for the time, Slizik the Mighty that has a chance to drop Idol of the Underking! The Idol he drops is one of the most sought after items during this era since it has Improved Healing on it.

The Hole Leveling Locations

The Hole - Rest of the zone

-The "City" part of the zone has Elementals, flying Imps and Rats which are the easier enemies to kill. Harder than these guys are the rock golems you find which have a lot of HP and resists as well as being a much higher level than the aforementioned enemies.

- In the center area of the zone below the red circle on my map above you'll find the Docks. This camp is great for a group 45+ that's looking for privacy and XP

- The Purple area on my map above is where you can find "The Undead" in the zone. This is a tower of Undead and it will be extremely hard even for a group of well prepared 50s. I recommend you only tackle this area if you're in a group larger than 6.

- The Red area on the map above is where Master Yael can be found, the raid boss in this zone. It's also the same pool of water that you drop in from when entering through Paineel.



Additional Information about The Hole

- This zone gets revamped in a much later expansion during Underfoot.

- Prior to Underfoot the only way you can reach The Hole is through Paineel.

- The Hole originally released in Kunark but it's released during Classic on the TLPs

The Hole Allakhazam Zone Information (Will be out of date for TLPs)

The Hole P99 Zone Information