Upper Guk - Classic Leveling Guide

Upper Guk Upper Floors

Upper Guk is one of the best leveling zones for players 5 - 25. It's a rather large zone with multiple camp locations, all of which I don't even know - but I will share some with you here! The map above shows the upper floors of Upper Guk, basically the easiest location in the zone.

As you can see on the map above I have marked a few locations with numbers. These aren't all the different camp locations but they're some I am going to talk about here.

1: This location is called the temple and the froglok scryer named spawns here who drops Bracelet of Woven Grass and A Shimmering Orb.

2: This location is the Heart Spider Room and the named that can spawn here is a giant heart spider which drops Chitin Shell Shield as well as Chitin Shell Armor.

3: These are the Barracks and the froglok shin lord can spawn here which drops Silver-Plated Bracer as well as Ghoulbane.

4: This is the Ramp room which has a froglok gaz squire that spawns here. Collar of Undead Protection as well as Runed Bone Fork drop from him.

Those are all of the different locations I have covered on my map above but not all the different locations in the zone! In addition to the named enemies that I covered there are also a few more that can spawn in the upper floors of Upper Guk. The nameds I didn't include in the information above can be found here:

the froglok warden: Elf-Hide Gauntlets, Troll-Hide Belt

a froglok realist: Pouch of Ghoul Ashes, Reed Ring

Upper Guk Basement Location

The map above captures the lower floors of UGuk which is the harder half of the zone. The way down to these floors is by falling through any of the pits on the first floor, going down the ladder or some other method like that. The highest level camps are found down here as well as the best loot/exp.

According to the UGuk P99 Wikipedia the lower floors of Upper Guk make a good hunting ground for players 25 - 33 with the best camps being the LGuk zone line areas and the Ancient Crocodile.


Additional Zone Information

- Upper Guk only has two zone connections (not including LDoNs) to Lower Guk and Innothule Swamp. Traveling through Innothule is the only way for players to reach this zone.

Upper Guk Allakhazam Zone Information

Upper Guk P99 Zone Information