Howling Stones (Charasis) - Kunark Leveling Guide

Howling Stones Map

Howling Stones is split into four different wings... North, South, East and West. The northern and western wings are the easiest two with the southern and eastern being the harder ones. My description of this zone will be split into one part for each of the four wings.

North: The door leading North is locked and you'll need either a Rogue to pick it or to kill one of the 'bottomless' enemies at the zone in for a Tallow-marked Candle which is the key required to enter the North Wing. In the Northern Wing you'll find the nameds Sentient Bile and The Crypt Keeper.

West: The west wing is about the same level as the northern one and it has a really annoying trap floor which is hidden under the rug that you'll want to avoid. This side of Howling Stones has two nameds, The Crypt Wurm and The Specter Sepulcher.

South: This is the second hardest wing in the zone and it has arguably the best loot in the entire zone. This wing is harder than both north and west and you should expect some pulls to be 3 - 5 mobs. Below are a list of all the nameds you can find in South and the loot you'll usually find upon killing them

Embalming Fluid - Fingerbone Hoop, Hand of the Reaper
The Crypt Spectre - Sash of the Dragonborn
The Skeleton Sepulcher - Kylong War Helm, Guardians Mace
The Crypt Feaster - Steel Hilted Flint Dagger
The Specter Spiritualist - Kylong Greaves, Kylong Wrist Guards, Rod of Oblations

East: This is the hardest wing in the zone and home of Drusella Sathir, the raid boss in the zone. She isn't too hard but she does have Mark of the Mighty and will lay waste to an under geared and under leveled group. Your best bet is to avoid her at all cost and if you want to try taking her out; Pacify the whole room before pulling her!

Other nameds in this wing are Mortiferous Protector and Crypt Excavator.



Additional Zone Information

- Howling Stones requires you to complete a quest for the Key to Charasis which grants access to this zone.

- The only way into Howling Stones is through The Overthere. Relevant guide for finding your way to HS.

- Howling Stones was remade in the RoS expansion pack.

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