Bloody Kithicor - SoD Leveling Guide

Bloody Kithicor Leveling Locations

Bloody Kithicor is a huge wide open zone with a ton of enemies for you to kill. Basically the whole zone has snakes, wolves and other animals/reptiles wandering around which are "Relatively Weak" cons. These guys are what you'll want to focus on if you're not well geared enough, high enough level or have enough AAs to take on a regular enemy.

Solo Players and smaller groups focus on the animals which are roaming around the zone. Usually you just run around and kill but if you'd like to make camp somewhere the northern or southern walls (not near an Obliteration or Army of Light camp) make good locations to pull too.

Those of you with smaller groups confident enough to handle mobs that aren't relatively weak can pick off some of the northern Obliteration camps. On the western most end of the black boxes on my map above you'll find a much smaller and more managable amount of Obliteration enemies. The houses are what I am talking about, they usually have one or two enemies outside and 3 maybe four inside that can usually be split.

Larger groups or boxers that are running 5 or 6 characters that can handle themselves will find better EXP and loot at the northeastern most Obliteration enemies as well as the smaller black circle on the bottom portion of the map. These are really large Obliteration camps with 12+ enemies in them. The southern black circle is the easiest of the two locations - so if you don't know if you can handle up north try here instead!

Up north you'll find the entire area practically littered with Obliteration enemies. You'll need a well prepared group as well as some crowd control if you expect to handle this area without wiping! The final thing I have marked on my map above is the Army of Light NPCs - I don't actually recommend you hunt these guys as they're the 'good' faction in this zone. Unless you don't care about completing the progression any time soon in which case kill all the Army of Light you want!

Save any Chronal Resonance Dust and Sunshard Ore for barters as well as Cultural Silk, Ore and the more useful gems, Taaffeite, Prestidigitase, Harmonagate, Staurolite. You can sell these items in The Bazaar for a decent amount of plat or to a barter for less plat but instant money by typing /bar. You can also do this anywhere in the game.

Additional Information

- In order to reach this zone you'll need to go through The Void which can be reached from Plane of Time. There's two easy ways to reach Plane of Time, the Guild Hall portal or a Wizard/Druid. Or you could speak with the NPC in PoK that ports you here, Herald of Druzzil Ro. If you're unfamiliar with any of what I just said, use my guide on how to reach SoD zones.

- There is a series of quests called Blood of the Fallen that take place in Bloody Kithicor and Old Commonlands. Completing the entire series will reward you with an aug that's really good for this expansion, Blood of the Fallen.

- If you're having trouble managing your Inventory Space I highly recommend you invest in some Extraplanar Trade Satchels which are 32 Slot Tradeskill Bags. Alternatively you could also buy Unexpanded Tailored Backpacks as well. Though, the Backpacks will likely be more expensive. Follow the links provided to learn more about each item.

- If you need more plat while leveling I strongly recommend you check out my How to make more plat while leveling by Bartering Guide. It'll give you a list of all the different items you should be keeping an eye out for to Barter/Sell!

Bloody Kithicor Allakhazam Zone Information

Bloody Kithicor Relatively Weak Animals Leveling Guide
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