Ashengate, Reliquary of Scale - TSS Leveling Guide

The northern wing of Ashengate starts out with a hallway of Drakes, Drakkins and Statue enemies. It's pretty heavily populated and some of the enemies see invis so you'll most likely need to clear your way through this area. The first named you come across will be Laila the Forgotten whose located in a rather large room with only one or two other enemies. By far, she's the easiest camp in the Northern wing and possibly all of Ashengate.

Captain of the Guard, the next named enemy that you'll come across in the north wing is the polar opposite of Laila. He's guarded by four Drakkin enemies that will come with him when pulling, unless you have someone in your group who can Pacify. If you don't have Pacify you'll definitely need some CC or some really really good DPS.

In the northern most room you'll find Scale Guard Orlam who is surrounded by a ton of enemies. On each side of his platform there's larger pulls of Drakkin enemies, usually three or four enemies with each pull. You'll need to clear all of these trash enemies to reach the named so it's another location that will need Pacify, CC or both.

I've found the best spot to camp in the northern most room of Ashengate is off to either the eastern or western sides. There's only one golem enemy that spawns over here and the drakes also seldom roam over here. Other than that though, it's a pretty safe location to pull to.


North Wing Ashengate Nameds:

Captain of the Guard: Crystalwing Stud of the Fallen, Soldier's Stone of Purity + Powersources for gear

Laila the Forgotten: Band of the Scholars, Stone of Dragon Scales + Powersources for gear

Scale Guard Orlam: Pyrewood Earring, Spellstring, the Bard's Muse + Powersources for gear


The first room you come across on this side of Ashengate with Griffon Trainer Ahrendes in it is a wide open area with quite a few enemies spread out throughout. If we're comparing it to other parts of the zone, it's probably one of the best places to hunt for EXP in the entire place. It's got lots of enemies, they're spread out enough to pull in pairs but so far that you have to travel long to find them. It's really the perfect combination.

When you go further north you'll find that the mob density stays relatively the same as it is in the Griffon Trainer's room but the areas we're exploring grow smaller. In the Snapper/Quartermaster Ilzjinn area you'll typically find 4 - 6 enemies per room, some of them Drakkins, some golems, some drakes. In many of these rooms it'll be hard to get line of sight on all the enemies to Pacify them without agroing the room too - which means Crowd Control will be more important here than elsewhere in the zone.

Further north in the 'Nesting Grounds' portion of Ashengate you'll find Advisor Jin`Zhu. This area of Ashengate is pretty annoying, especially if you're a boxer, since it's a bunch of floating narrow platforms with a long drop down to the bottom. Each platform only have four or five enemies on it so it's a bit easier than the area we had to go through in order to get here - the downside is if you fall off there's really no way back up. Most groups probably won't have any issues with this area but I am sure some boxers will find it to be quite annoying since the /follow in this game isn't the best.

In the northern most portion of this wind of Ashengate you'll find the final named, Advisor Neezin D`rahl. This named spawns all the way up here by his lonesome. There's only two enemies in this area, both of them placeholders for the named enemy. Definitely this is the easiest camp in the east wing of Ashengate.


East Wing Ashengate Nameds:

Griffon Trainer Ahrendes: Faceless Guise of the Reliquary, Girdle of the Magma Priest + Powersources for gear

Snapper: Black Legion Templar Band, Thrice-Banded Warclub + Powersources for gear

Quartermaster Ilzjinn: Eggshell Fragment, Umbracite Spiked Shoulderguards + Powersources for gear

Attendant Jin`Zhu: Lava-Seared Drakkin Heart, Scaleguard Spaulders, Splintering Spinestone Wand + Powersources for gear

Advisor Neezin D`rahl: Polished Krithgor Bone Ring, Tainted Darksteel Battleaxe + Powersources for gear


Boxers may want to avoid this wing, it's got a lot of narrow paths that you can fall off of which make a nightmare for /follow in this game. Also, to make matters worse, some of the floors are slippery floors which are a nightmare to navigate on just one character - nearly impossible with 6!

There aren't many locations for players to make camp in this wing of Ashengate either. The first two rooms with Brimstone Juggernaut and Argil Oppressor only have one or two enemies per floor and you'll have to do a lot of navigating the broken ruins to have enough enemies to pull.

Second set of nameds are Core Flame and Galvanized Guardian. This room is a bit better to make camp in and won't require as much navigation for the puller. Finally the last room has three nameds in it and is probably the best place to make camp in this entire wing.


Room 1:

Brimstone Juggernaut: Amulet of the Scarlet Legion, Lava-Seared Drakking Heart, Magmaraug's Burning Essence + Powersources for gear

Argil Oppressor: Crest of the Scarlet Legions (Aug), Magmamail Collar + Powersources for gear


Room 2:

Core Flame: Barbed Dragon Bones, Spiritwhisper Cloak + Powersources for gear

Galvanized Guardian: Clergyman's Stone of Purity, Lava-Seared Drakkin Heart (Aug), Mask of the Black Legion Scouts + Powersources for gear


Room 3:

Arbiter of Ash: Black Legion Marker, Hardened Coalstone of Purity, Weighty Jagged Einhander

The Unspeakable: Purified Lava Vein, Ro-Touched Ear Stud

Magmaraug: Lava-Seared Drakkin Heart (Aug), Mantle of Hanging Flesh



Additional Information

- In order to reach Ashengate you'll need to travel through Direwind Cliffs to the northern most point. If you'd like a guide that includes some pictures and more information on How to Reach Ashengate, follow the link provided.

- Multiple zone wide Augs drop here, these include Hardened Coalstone of Purity, Uncut Ruby of Purity and Lava-Seared Drakkin Heart.

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