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Korascian Warrens Leveling Locations

Korascian Warrens is a huge zone with a ton of mobs to kill but not too many are actually worth hunting. This is actually one of the better zones for people looking to solo that can actually handle regular mobs since it's extremely easy to get single pulls here.

This zone is also the zone where you complete the Rank 5 Journeyman Mercenary Tasks. As you can see on the map above I have broken the zone down into three different locations. #1 is good for soloers; #2 Is for small groups and #3 for full groups or really well geared small groups.

#1: There are a bunch of single pulls for you in this location. Plenty of safe locations to camp and you're near the Tosk zone line if anything goes south. There's two named enemies that you'll find in this area:

Gradd the Mutineer: Assassin's Earpiece, Butcher's Earpiece, Giantish Gutcord, Orcish Gutcord, Distorted Medial Incandessence, Distorted Medial Luminessence

Uk: Glyphed Mask of Potent Renewal, Glyphed Mask of Renewal, Shockpiercer, Distorted Medial Incandessence, Distorted Medial Luminessence

#2: This location is part of the Journeyman Merc task so it will get a bit more traffic than most leveling locations. There is a mixture of single and 2 pulls in this area. There are two named enemies you'll find nearby this area (Note, Mauk Peskysnout is kinda far away but drops an overhaste clicky)

Shem Saldon: Aversive Crystal Spaulders, Shem's Spaulders, Earthen Gird, Gird of Earthen Flux, Fractured Medial Incandessence, Fractured Medial Luminessence

Mauk Peskysnout: Dakkilon Endomoplates, Murdunk's Endomoplates, Hagorn's Mithril Doomcaller, Thane Ring, Distorted Medial Incandessence, Distorted Medial Luminessence

#3: Mobs are practically every where up here. You have Goblins, Ogres and a few other different enemy types. Expect 2 or 3 enemies per pull, getting singles up here would be a difficult task.

Slaukk the Messcook: Signet Ring of Vokk Raskk, Signet of the Vokk, Slaukk's Best Mess Apron, Slaukk's Mess Apron, Warped Medial Incandessence

Mauk Peskysnout: Dakkilon Endomoplates, Murdunk's Endomoplates, Hagorn's Mithril Doomcaller, Thane Ring, Distorted Medial Incandessence, Distorted Medial Luminessence

Save any Chronal Resonance Dust and Sunshard Ore for barters as well as Cultural Silk, Ore and the more useful gems, Taaffeite, Prestidigitase, Harmonagate, Staurolite. You can sell these items in The Bazaar for a decent amount of plat or to a barter for less plat but instant money by typing /bar. You can also do this anywhere in the game.

Additional Information

- In order to reach this zone you'll need to go through The Void which can be reached from Plane of Time. There's two easy ways to reach Plane of Time, the Guild Hall portal or a Wizard/Druid. Or you could speak with the NPC in PoK that ports you here, Herald of Druzzil Ro. If you're unfamiliar with any of what I just said, use my guide on how to reach SoD zones. Once in The Void you'll need to travel to Toskirakk which is the zone connected to Korascian Warrens.

- The upper right hand area on the map with the Crystalline Sorcidont looks like a great wide open area to hunt but the mobs up here Mana Drain. Trust me on this one, it's too good to be true!

- There is a series of quests called The Rallosian Battle Figure which take place in Toskirakk and the other "earth" based zones connected to it. Completing the quest rewards you with a Rallosian Battle Figure clicky that increases your HP/MP by 450.

- If you're having trouble managing your Inventory Space I highly recommend you invest in some Extraplanar Trade Satchels which are 32 Slot Tradeskill Bags. Alternatively you could also buy Unexpanded Tailored Backpacks as well. Though, the Backpacks will likely be more expensive. Follow the links provided to learn more about each item.

- If you need more plat while leveling I strongly recommend you check out my How to make more plat while leveling by Bartering Guide. It'll give you a list of all the different items you should be keeping an eye out for to Barter/Sell!

Korascian Warrens Allakhazam Zone Information

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