North Ro - Classic Leveling Guide

North Ro Map Locations

The Desert of Northern Ro is a decent hunting ground for players in their low to late teens. The northern half of the zone that connects to Freeport Sewers and East Freeport is the lowest level part of the zone. You'll find beetles up here as well as rats, orcs and skeletons which are all great for noobies.

We're going to focus on the camps in the southern portion of North Ro though which are good for players in their teens. As you can see on my map above there are 3 Dervish camps marked. These enemies have a level spread of 10 - 13 and make a decent EXP camp until about level 15 when they completely drop off.

The Dervish Cutthroat enemies also commonly drop Cutthroat Insignia Rings which are +2 Dex 1 Ac rings. They're great for melee if you have nothing else for this level (which you likely don't)!

You can also find a camp of Undead enemies which have a similar level spread as the Dervish Cutthroat enemies, also marked on the map that's above. There's also a lot of different animals you can kill if you can't find a group or don't want to take on one of these camps.

Here's a list of most of the wandering enemies you'll come across in North Ro. Giant spiders (levels 11-13), giant scarabs (levels 9-11), pumas (levels 5-10), large snakes (levels 5-8), gilas (levels 9-11), and madmen (levels 8-12). Madmen will agro you on sight as do the pumas so keep an eye out!

If you ever need to vendor while you're here the shoreline has a tiny barbarian fishing village containing two merchants. Around level 15 you should move on to South Ro (the crocodiles here are good EXP) to Upper Guk or off to some other location of your choosing.

Additional Zone Information

- North Ro can be reached a variety of different ways, Commonlands being the most common way taken to get here. East Freeport is another way, Freeport Sewers, Iceclad Ocean (velious transportation) and South Ro.

- As mentioned above, North Ro provides transporation to Iceclad Ocean, on the Velious continent.

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