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Frontier Mountains - Kunark Leveling Guide

Frontier Mountains Map

Around the entrance to the Mines of Nurga and the Temple of Droga you'll find a bunch of goblin enemies which are in their lower 30s and fairly easy to kill. Additionally you'll find more goblins to kill where it says "Chief Rok'Gus" on my map above.

On the TLPs Chief Rok'Gus won't actually spawn in these tunnels but a goblin traitor does which is one of the mobs on a very long respawn that's part of the Regal Band of Bathezid quest. It isn't uncommon for you to find higher level players in this area waiting for this quest NPC to spawn.

It's also not uncommon to find higher level players slaughtering the Goblins in Kunark for Chardok faction. The Kunark Goblins also have two drops you'll want to keep an eye out for Mt. Death Mineral Salts as well as Green Goblin Skin. They're both used in Chardok faction quests; if you don't personally want the items sell them in The Bazaar.

The last location that I have yet to mention is the massive giant fort in the center of this zone. These enemies are in their low to mid thirties and they're a bit easier to kill than the Goblins if you ask me - definitely more spread out. There are a few decent drops from the Giants too, you'll want to keep an eye out for Forest Loop and Lumberjack's Cap.


Additional Zone Information

- This zone was remade in the Empires of Kunark expansion pack.

- There are multiple ways to reach Frontier Mountains, you can enter the zone from The Dreadlands, Burning Woods, Lake of Ill Omen as well as The Overthere.

Frontier Mountains Allakhazam Zone Information

Frontier Mountains P99 Zone Information