Runnyeye - Classic Leveling Guide

The first floor of Runnyeye has two zone lines, one to Misty Thicket and one to Gorge of King Xorbb. I'd recommend that you make camp near one of these two zone lines because this place can be pretty annoying for lower level players, especially if you have no snare in your group!

As suggested, the enemies here bolt away from you when they get low health. If you're a soloer or duoer this could really be a problem if you don't have any way of slowing them down since they'll run right into other mobs. Almost all fo the goblins on the first floor are between the levels 8 and 12. I'd recommend hanging around in this area though until you get close to 15, at which point go to Gorge of King Xorbb unless you can put together a group, then maybe you can move deeper into Runnyeye.

On the map above, the yellow circle is where you can make camp at to pull from the second floor of Runnyeye. If you take a look at the map below, the location you enter the second floor at is just above my green arrow. As you can see the color of the map shifts to black, which is the color of the first floor.

The reason I am telling you this is because until your group gets to level 20 you'll only want to pull from this one hallway. There's a lot of roamers in this area and things can get dangerous quick. You'll probably need to run to the zone line once or twice from pulling too many mobs before you reach level 20.

Once you're level 20 the second floor of Runnyeye will offer you a much better hunting experience than the first. I'd recommend that you hang around the water area in the southern/western portion of the zone. You'll be able to see the enemies coming from a ways off and it's a lot less compacted over here with goblins.

There's only one named enemy on this floor that counts towards the hunter achievement, a goblin janitor. He drops Vile Substance which is a load of crap. There's one other enemy to keep an eye out on this floor though, a Pickclaw Crusader. He drops a good lower level weapon for the Classic - Velious era. Past that era though, his stuff is junk too.

a goblin janitor: Vile Substance

a Pickclaw Crusader: Blackened Iron Bastard Sword


The Third floor of Runnyeye is one that most groups usually end up avoiding; instead of hunting goblins on this floor you'll be hunting Sporali enemies. This floor is also riddled with traps, it has slippery floors as well as trap doors which you can fall through (likely to your death). It's an all around mess which is why most people just skip this floor.

Of course if you'd like to hunt on this floor, you should make camp in the northern part of the area near The Sporali Moldmaster camp. There'll be plenty of enemies for you to fight up here and you'll also get a chance at spawning The Sporali Moldmaster who drops a decent shield for this era.

The Sporali Moldmaster: Sporali Defender's Blade, Sporali Gloves, Sporestrand Shield


Finally the bottom floor of Runnyeye is home to the hardest goblins in the zone and the most named enemies. Along with goblins to hunt down here - you'll also find goblin bankers and vendors! That's right - those of you who have Sneak or Hide raised and can successfully speak to one of these NPCs will be able to store some loot or sell it without ever leaving the zone!

Depending on how good your group is determines where you should camp at down here. For weaker groups I would recommend the large open room outside of the Bank where the river meets its end. You'll have a lot of space here to fight, not many roamers and there's plenty of enemies for you to pull around this area.

Better equipped or higher level groups can make camp in the eastern part of the zone (just to the right of where you see Lord Pickclaw on my map above, there's a two story room connected to the riverway which has the best chance of spawning Battlelord Paluk & Lord Pickclaw in it).

Lord Pickclaw & Battlelord Paluk don't spawn until Velious on Progression Servers but when they do start spawning, they can spawn in many different places throughout the bottom floor of this zone. These two NPCs drop some pretty nice loot too, including the Black Alloy Medallion, one of the only items with Mana Preservation on it in early Everquest!


Battlelord Paluk: Black Alloy Medallion, Blackened Alloy Bastard Sword, Blackened Alloy Longsword

Lord Pickclaw: Black Alloy Medallion, Blackened Alloy Bastard Sword, Blackened Alloy Longsword, Grotesque Alloy Mask, Blackened Alloy Coif,

Battlewizard Unak: Black Alloy Medallion, Dark Muslin Amice, Dark Muslin Sash


Additional Zone Information

- There are two ways to reach Runnyeye, the first is through Misty Thicket the Halfling Noobie zone. The second way is through the Gorge of King Xorbb which is connected to East Karana.

- Runnyeye is one of the most camped dungeons in classic since Lord Pickclaw, a named drops the Black Alloy Medallion.

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