Temple of Droga - Kunark Leveling Guide

Temple of Droga - Kunark Leveling Guide

The Temple of Droga is one of the two main Kunark Goblin zones that's connected to Frontier Mountains. It's also got slightly higher level enemies than the Mines of Nurga does as well many more named enemies which can spawn here than in Nurga.

This zone is good for players 35 - 45 although I would highly recommend you don't come here with low numbers or an unprepared group. The Goblins in this zone love to assist their allies, that includes healing them through walls without actually agroing your group amongst other annoying problems.

Players who are 35 - 40 should stay in the area shown on my map above. This is the lower level portion of Droga and you'll be much safer hunting in this location rather than the named area. If you and your group are 40+ though you might find a better hunting area in the far western portion of Droga where the named enemies are.

Temple of Droga - Kunark Leveling Guide

The above map is the harder portion of Droga and the main portion with named enemies in it. As you can see I have two areas marked on the map above, 1 and 2. Each of these locations is a good hunting spot for a different named, keep on reading for more info!

1: This is the easier of the two locations with only two nameds - each in different locations. Soothsayer Dregzak is found in the room that's just above the 1 on my map. He drops Mantle of Mirth, Earring of Essence and Bracer of Vajeen.

A little bit south of the 1 on my map above you'll find A Goblin Fanatic who drops Stone of Morid, Tome of the Eternal and Book of the Rings.

2: The rooms all the way down south marked with a 2 on my map above is where you'll find Chief Rok'Gus who drops RukGus' Sticker, Idol of the Thorned, Essence of Dol. You'll also find a goblin bodyguard in this location too which drops Whip of Strangulation, Circlet of Shadows, Gauntlets of Potence

a maddened Burynai (also spawns in this area) and drops Mountain Death Belt and Burynai Legion Gi.

The nameds near 2 are very commonly camped since Circlet of Shadows gets nerfed after the Kunark expansion finishes. The one that drops during Kunark is the prepatched version of the Circlet of Shadow which will be worth a lot of money on this server and off.

Additionally Idol of the Thorned is a rather good ranged item that people camp this location for to sell as well. It's very common to find a level 60 camping the nameds here during the Kunark era which of course would make the camp unavailable.


Additional Zone Information

- The only two ways to reach this zone is through the Mines of Nurga or Frontier Mountains.

- This zone drops the very rare Circlet of Shadow during Kunark only. Once Velious hits the patched version is put in.

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