Halls of Honor - PoP Leveling Guide

Halls of Honor Map

Halls of Honor is one of the upper tier Planes of Power zones and it's mostly designed for groups only. I say mostly because there is one exception to this rule which is there's a wide open field right at the entrance to HoH that people love to kite enemies around in. It's absolutely perfect for kiting and it's frequently used for just this purpose.

If you're looking to kite in this zone, I recommend that you focus on pulling enemies which are out in the hallways and avoid the extremely large pulls inside the hedges at the start of the zone. You'll find enough suits of armor to kill all over the place, there's really no reason for you to even try pulling out of the hedges here.

The rest of Halls of Honor has extremely large pulls or enemies far too spaced out to really make picking a camp worth it. Boxers or groups looking to do some hunting here will have to constantly be on the move throughout the zone. Picking just a single camp won't work since the puller will have to pull enemies way too far.

Throughout the zone you'll find a few nameds which have a chance of dropping some decent loot. The nameds you can find here are mentioned below.

A Wrulon Protector: Drape of the Proud, Longblade of Vitality

a Wrulon Guard: Drape of the Proud, Longblade of Vitality

A Protector of Valor: Prophet's Fury, Talisman of Tears

Captain Danon Shern: Mystic Helm of Light, Tear of Great Sorrows, Spectral Parchment

Captain Kage Shou: Great Blade of Heroism, Ornate Rune Blade, Stitched Hide Pants of Fallen Foes

Along with the following nameds in this zone you can also spawn some of your own named enemies by completing the Halls of Honor trial quests. If you take a look at the map above you'll see three names in a light shade of red - each in a polar opposite place on the map.

These named enemies are Alekson Garn, Rhaliq Trell as well as Trydan Faye. Each of these is involved in their own quest which varies in difficulty depending on which of the three you choose. If you plan to do your Planar Progression at some point or another you'll have to complete these trials.

I've included guides for each of these trials below for anyone interested in trying them. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't boxing 6 or more characters. They'll be pretty hard to accomplish for groups smaller than 6 until SoF or later.

Alekson Garn Trial

Rhaliq Trell Trial

Trydan Faye Trial

That's really all you need to know about Halls of Honor! The exp here isn't that great nor is the loot. If you're not a kiter I don't really recommend you come to this zone unless you're just looking to do some exploring.


Additional Information

- You must be at least level 57 to enter the Halls of Honor.

- Ethereal Parchments and Spectral Parchments that drop are used for PoP Spells. For more information about the PoP Spell Quests follow the link provided.

Halls of Honor Allakhazam Zone Information