Marus Seru - Luclin Leveling Guide

Marus Seru Leveling Locations

Marus Seru is a decent hunting location added in Luclin for players with or without a group between the levels of 20 - 30. If you're without a group when you come here I strongly recommend you hang out as close to the Netherbian Lair/Mons Letalis zone lines as possible.

Pull Rockhopper enemies along the edges of the walls and kite them/kill them there. Be careful not to pull them too close to each other though as they're social with each other. Also I would strongly recommend you avoid pulling any stonegrabber enemies as they're social with each other as well and have a lot more HP and higher resists than the rockhoppers.

If you run out of Rockhoppers to kill there are the occasional zelniak, lightcrawler and recuso enemy which paths around the zone. Once you reach 25+ you'll need to move deeper south/west in the zone to find more enemies that are your level.

If you have a group there are a few different locations that you can make camp at, most of them shown on the map above. The spot marked "Rock Camp" is probably my favorite camp in the zone and it's good for players 23 - 27 or so. The EXP will really start to drop when the Rockhoppers start turning LB to you.

Loot Worth Saving: Greyhopper Hide, Low Quality Rockhopper Hide, Medium Quality Rockhopper Hide, High Quality Rockhopper Hide, Flawless Rockhopper Hide, Superb Rockhopper Hide


Additional Information

- The best way to reach Marus Seru is by traveling through Netherbian Lair connected to The Nexus.

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